Thursday, November 13, 2014

Floral Design - A Service I'm Ready to Offer

As many of you are aware, I am an event planner.  What you may not know is the unspoken duties that go into that job include - magician, mind-reader, mediator, budget-stretcher and FLORIST!

For years, I've brought bridal visions to fruition for a fraction of the cost.  Under the umbrella of our company, Sheena and I obtained a wholesale floral account...  which means that we get flowers for the SAME price as local florists.  We started offering our services exclusively to clients for much less than "professional" florists and quickly learned we were good at it.  VERY good at it.  Remember my rustic May bride?

Yes, I executed her floral designs and they were gorgeous:

Recently, I provided the floral designs for her brother's wedding.  It was another rustic event but, unlike my May client, this bride provided very little guidance for her wish list.

She told me her colors - shades of purple, some green, and a little yellow.  She wanted the traditional elements of fall without the orange.

She also couldn't tell me her overall desired look for the event.  Most often, these questions would be received with a giggle and a shrug.

Before our floral consultation, I needed to figure out what she wanted.  I visited the wholesale floral supply and browsed the floral aisles until I found something that would work.  I mean, it's fall.  'Tis the season for purple, right?

Over the course of six months, she mentioned egg plant and red... she mentioned lavender and yellow.  She mentioned pop corn favors and pine cone garland.  I was all over the place with ideas... until I saw this:

That log vase brought everything together for me.  It was rustic and unique and, according to David (my sales rep), it was limited quantity - only 180 ordered for the entire DMV area.  I had to have it.  So I bought one and I based my entire design around it.  Thankfully, our consultation went flawlessly! The couple went with my design ideas and I delivered FABULOUS products day-of.

You'll just have to wait for the centerpieces BUT the photographer did share some photos of my other floral designs from the day and they were fab!  Check them out:

I'll share more floral designs I've done in the past tomorrow... See you then!


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