Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sweet As Cotton Candy

I saw a cute photo of a baby costume and sent it to Sheena wishing I had a baby to make it for:

She agreed that it needed to be done and said we could make it for DatMyHoney's school competition the upcoming weekend.  I was so excited and just followed WhippyCake's tutorial (here).  Yesterday's riddle pretty much sums it up!

Roll the sidewalk chalk onto pillow batting:

Glue the pink batting to a onesie:

 Use a piece of copy paper folded in a cone shape and scrap batting to make a headband:

You're all done.  Now, add a cute baby:

... and enjoy the sweetness!

Ya know, maybe I should've titled this post, 'How to KICK BUTT IN A DAYCARE COSTUME CONTEST!!'

Why? Because she won.



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