Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rustic Safari Shower - The Story.

Howdy, Islanders!  

We've been discussing the surprise baby shower we planned for my brother and his wife.  I mentioned we chose a date and a venue different from what Ryan and Mike thought.  The date was set, the theme was finalized, the invitations were designed and all we needed was the story for the guests of honor.

In casual conversation, we were informed they decided to split their showers to accommodate their large circle of friends and family.  We were the 'family' shower and both parents' co-workers and office friends were going to combine for another shower.  Clearly, August was shaping up to be a busy month - multiple baby showers, Ryan's birthday, and a few church events; the Tillmans' calendar was filling up quickly!  We needed a story to lock-in our date... something to be sure they wouldn't miss it.  We brainstormed a few ideas and, in the meanwhile, I got an email from the Motherhood store.  They were having a summer sale and unable to resist all the bump cuteness I bought a dress.  For Ryan.  To wear.  To her shower.  The surprise shower.

That's not awkward at all.  Ok.  It totally is awkward, lol.  Not to fear, I'll have Mom give it to her!  That's less awkward, right?  Right.

On one of Mike's visits to my parents' house, Mom told him to reserve the date.  He had some questions and the first was whether the date was for the baby shower.  Don't worry, Islanders, Mom was quick on her feet and reminded him that Ryan already chose the date and the venue.  She continued that she was planning a surprise for my dad... she wasn't sure of details yet but more information would come as the date neared. She continued with, "...and there's a dress for Ryan to wear.  Everyone's going to wear this color so Tabby bought Ryan this dress..."

Right.  A dress. To wear. To the event.  That, NOPE, we don't know details about. Yet.  But we will.

Mike liked the dress and pulled the belly part out to check its style and length.  Yep, it'd work.  He'd tell Ryan about the event and the dress but Mom said she wanted to wrap it and provide more information herself.

Well, more information didn't come, it was shower week and Mom hadn't taken the dress for Ryan to try on yet!  After a text reminder from Mike, Mom brought the dress over and texted me pics to show how awesome Ryan looked in it!  She also told me Ryan had questions about the event.  Mom was unsure at first saying, "we're surprising Dad with a vow renewal and I want all my kids there... uh, no. We won't have a rehearsal, Tabby has everything under control.  Don't worry."

When she was on her way out, Mom got alllll into the story, "I'm having performers and caterers and all that!  Don't worry about a thing!"

Islanders, Mommy made it seem like she had magicians and an orchestra!  She is so funny!  We laugh about it but, whatever she did, it worked.

They arrived and they were pleasantly surprised :)


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