Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What A Non-Party Looks Like

Howdy, Islanders!

With the decision to move forward without a birthday party, we needed to find the reborn doll that suited our needs.  Munch researched so many dolls and finally decided on the doll about two weeks prior.  Thankfully, the designer (yes, she is handmade) was able to put the final touches on the doll and get her shipped in time for the birthday [hopefully].

So, that was it.  I was done.  I didn't have to do anything else?  Just stress over the doll's arrival.  Okay, I can do that.  As the week of her birthday started, Hubbs began suggesting activities for a group of her friends.  He wanted to take six of her friends to the local water park or to the neighborhood beach and then out for lunch...  Sounded too much like a party and we agreed we weren't having a party.  I vetoed his ideas.  Sure, he grew annoyed with me but I wasn't too concerned.  WE AGREED.

I was copied on messages between Munch and other people.  In conversation with her Grandma Lisa, she was excited for her friends to meet her baby at her birthday.  WHAT BIRTHDAY?  She mentioned to me that she wanted to invite this friend and that classmate.  INVITE THEM WHERE?  In her messages to Tati, she asked if she was coming to her birthday.

A party?  An event? Was her birthday a person, place or thing?  Last I checked, her birthday was going to be wrapped up in a box with a bow.

Islanders, my husband and my child were having difficulty processing the idea of a NON-party birthday.  Now you know, if I do a birthday party, I do a birthday party.  This half-step 'throw together a get-together' for a birthday is NOT my style and I was NOT going to let that happen.

I was anxious.  It was her birthday and the doll had not yet arrived.  We were still waiting for my mom-in-law to arrive with Munchface so I tried to play it cool.  I distracted myself by taping up a quick banner... I placed gifts on her bed... I couldn't think.  Guaranteed delivery by noon?  It was almost 1:00 p.m.  I could pass out and the feeling that it might not come on time (or at all) had me ready to lose my lunch!

At 1:07 p.m., the doll arrived!  I rushed upstairs to wrap it and placed it in her room with the other gifts.  Shortly thereafter, Munch arrived with her Grandma Judy.  She ran upstairs, saw her birthday bed and squealed with excitement!  She opened her gifts from Devona which included the birthday dress.  She asked for a big bun and rocked a big black bow.  OMG! When she was ready, I think we all were surprised at how pretty and 'big girl' she looked.  She actually looked 9 years old.

She opened gifts from Devona and the Paris-themed clothes we got her.  She also opened the journal and craft supplies from Daniella.

After she finished opening all of her other gifts, it was time to open THE gift.

She had her daddy record the moment and, Islanders, it was an awesome thing to witness.  She finally had her baby in her arms and she was super excited about it!

The doll came with a number of accessories, a bible and wonderful scriptures.  Munch was so excited to have her doll and, with her new baby in her arms, she was ready for her next activity.  We loaded the family into the car and headed to pick-up Jada for an evening at the spa.

OMG! The Sassy Princess Spa is super cute!  I LOVED the decor and color scheme.

Every little princess receives a robe upon arrival.

The sassy princess lounge is so cute!

The waiting area has the cutest set-up with little chairs and magazines.

She and Jada waited patiently in the lounge area.

They chose their mani/pedis and were ready for the experience.

I was giggling at the conversation between these two.  They are so funny!

Sometimes, when I looked up, I saw teenagers.  I mean, look at Jada in the above photo.  That's not MY little Jada... is it?!

These two remind me of what close friendships are really about... they haven't seen each other all summer and picked up right where they left off.  They think the world of each other and I love to watch them together.

When it was time for their manis, I had to hold my newest plastic grandchild.

We left the spa and went for pizza at a yummy family-style Italian restaurant.  We ate until we were stuffed then headed home for -- nope.  We went home but my mom-in-law said she needed to run to Target so we dropped Hubbs at home and ran to Target.  What was supposed to be 15 minutes turned into 2 hours!!! I was exhausted!  Judy was loving the sales racks and the girls?

Oh, they were big girl status and walking around like they owned the place.  Seriously!  Is 9 years old the new pre-teen?  I feel like it is *like* in my soul.  My soul aches.  My whole soul aches and it is nauseating.  Do you see those legs?  Can you tell how tall they're getting?  Ugh, quit with this growing thing, kid.

FINALLY, we made it home.  Judy tried to kidnap us but we survived!  We were home and ready for some birthday cake.

I told Misty we were having a family dinner and asked for something simple.  I guess simple means an Eiffel Tower and a plane?!

It was gorgeous and delicious and we all loved it.

Jada stayed the night and, while she thought her best friend was Munch, Nuke had other plans.  He was obsessed with Jada.

She was petting him and he was sitting on her; it was a friendship made in heaven :)

I'd say, aside from my anxiety and stress over this whole growing up thing, this was a birthday for the books.  I wasn't sure how Hubbs and Munch felt since it wasn't the birthday party they were used to.  I was pretty sure Munch was excited but then I suddenly heard her randomly scream.  I ran into the hallway panicked, there stood Munch.  She was smiling brightly and said,

"MOMMY, I just can't believe I got her.  It feels like I'm in a dream?!"

Fighting back tears, I replied, "I know, right?!"

She's 9.  I get it but can I just enjoy the fact that she still plays with baby dolls?  Maybe there's more little girl than teenager in there after all?


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