Monday, August 17, 2015

Spa-La-La - A Change of Plans

Hey, friends!

As you are aware, this past weekend was a busy one for our little family.  Hubbs and I celebrated 11 years and Munch celebrated her ninth birthday!  Mid-August is always a crazy-fun time 'round these parts.

I know you remember the inspiration board for Munchface's birthday party this year.  She chose a Paris Spa theme.  You remember she is obsessed with all things Paris, right?  As her birthday approached, Munch was growing increasingly MORE obsessed with something else... dolls.  Reborn dolls.  Have you seen a reborn doll?

Yes, that's a doll.  I know.  It's unreal how real it looks, right?  Munch was researching them, watching videos about them, preparing for getting one of her own, and driving everyone CRAZY who was within earshot!

I posted that Instagram video during one of her many list-making sessions.  It was becoming increasingly more and more apparent that she wanted a doll so badly.  As I got older, I recall my parents giving me a choice between a party or money.  During one of her many doll rants, I gave her an option of a party (with the ability to put any gifts/money toward her doll) OR a doll.  Without hesitation, the kid responded that she'd rather have a doll.  Islanders, she was saying it before I could get it out.  Mind made up.  No party.  Just a doll.

I told her to think on it for a day and let me know.  She agreed and went to sleep talking about what she was planning to do with the doll.  I wasn't surprised when she woke early the next morning and announced she didn't want a party because a doll is all she needed.

So, that was it.  Final answer.  No party.  She was fine.

Sure, I bought wedding aisle arrangements to use as party decor.

I made a tentative plan for the space and even designated some placement for party decor.

I bought umbrellas to create a cool focal point... but, no, I'm not bothered.  Every year, she decides on her theme and I make magic happen.  It's what I do.  It's what I've become accustomed to... So many things are changing and it's overwhelming.  Islanders, it is not about me.  It's not about me. It's not about what's happenin' in MY life... or how I feel about my child turning 9 which is almost 10... which is double-digits... which is too frikkin' much for my mind to handle.  I'd say I'd be right back because I need to pour a glass of wine but, by the time I return, Munch could be driving a car.  It's just too much.  What were we talking about?  Oh, yes.  The party.

So, there you have it.  NO birthday party and it wasn't MY decision to cancel it.  The kid weighed her options and came to a conclusion that she would rather have the doll.   Islanders, we're raising a responsible, money-conscious young lady... one who is too smart for her own good sometimes.

That's right. The kid didn't want ME to have to pay for her birthday party but she never said she wouldn't host her own baby shower and saved up $20 to cover expenses.  She wanted me to drive her around to pick up decor and she had already taken care of inviting family and friends to come over in celebration of her new blessing.  She was so excited!  I was SO confused. 

Did we have a party?  Did she host an event?  Islanders, the birthday came and went.  Of course, we did it fabulously and I can't wait to tell you more.

  Stay tuned!


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