Friday, February 21, 2014

Fab Friends Friday - Sheena's New BLOG!

It's FAB Friday, Islanders!
I'm here today with some great news.  One of my best friends, Sheena, has embarked on a new virtual adventure.  She has transitioned from her blog all about shoes to a MOMMY BLOG!
For my shy and private friend this is a happy yet really scary moment.  She will be sharing DatMyHoney with the world...
We all know that I have a problem sharing her but... I mean... if her Mama is ok with it, who am I? 
Truthfully, I'm SO excited!
Though she doesn't share it with the world, Sheena crafts, bakes, cooks, coupons, plans events and so much more!  She is an awesome mom and I'm confident she will share a little somethin' for everyone.
How can YOU help?
As I mentioned earlier, Sheena is private so I need my dear sweet Islanders to welcome her to the blogging community.  Stop by her new blog, Life With An External Heartbeat, and send her hugs and kisses!  O and tell her I sent you :)
I have some pretty fabulous friends on the Island, right?!  Maybe this will turn into a series? Eh, we'll see!
Happy Friday, fabulous followers :)

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