Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunshine & Lemonade - The 'Fit.

Am I the only one who giggles at the people who post pictures of their outfit everyday.  I mean, I don't giggle at those who have built an image for themselves (kudos to them)... I do, however, admit to rolling my eyes at the people who fill my timeline with selfies and 'fits of the day.
That same face photographed at that same angle filling my feed 23 times everyday? Yea, I admit to an internal debate of whether to unfollow or block some friends.  I'm not even going to lie.

What?! Don't tell me I'm the only one living this life! Wait.  I am?
Islanders, you guys are such great people... So much better than I.
 We, the inhabitants of Fabulous Island, are in the business of planning memorable parties and one piece of the party puzzle that many planners tend to forget is the outfit.  Every birthday VIP has an outfit to fit the theme.  Whether folks choose to admit it, the 'fit is a critical part of the planning process.
Anyhoo, if you're like me and don't care for the outfit-of-the-day thing, you can come back tomorrow.  I won't be offended...  Today, I'm sharing Munch's birthday attire deets with those inquiring minds who want to know.
Every year, Munch and I plan her outfit.  This year, with the move, I didn't have a chance to consult with her much.  Back in February, I signed up for a Fabkids account.  It's a site that allows you to create a profile for your child.  Based on your responses to a variety of surveys, the site pulls together outfits for your child to wear. 
I stumbled upon the site and LOVED that, at the time, they were offering package outfit deals - 3 outfits for $39.99 PLUS a discount and free shipping.  One of the packages included a dress that I fell in love with:

I ordered the package (although the image shows the price for the dress alone) and didn't look back!

The kid LOVED the one-shoulder and oversized bow.  It was perfect for her birthday!

I posted a picture on Instagram of a big hair bow I made for Munch and one of the followers who liked it was PrettyBowsAndThings.

I started following her and I fell in LOVE with her designs!!  One day, she was offering a sale similar to this one:

Yes, I placed my order for 2 hair bows; one for the birthday and one DIVA bow just for Munch.

They turned out fabulous!!

Did you read that Pink Lemonade bow?  Yep.  It says, "Keep Calm and Drink Pink Lemonade Because it's ZION'S Birthday!"

I LOVE IT!  All I needed now was the shoes.

I planned on yellow converse... That quickly changed when I considered the venue (the beach... with the sand).  I considered yellow sandals but couldn't find any... Then I thought maybe some cute jelly sandals will do.

UGH, the shoes.  It just wasn't coming together... That is, until...

Sheena and Baby Olivia came by two days before Munch's {actual} birthday.

Do you see my little lemon drop's lemon dress and fabulous yellow headband?  She stepped out in pure sugar cane fashion to celebrate Munch's birthday.  My boo is just too much for me.

While we did have a blast playing around on the beach for a little... 

... one of the other highlights was the sweet gift from Baby Olivia (Sheena was serious that they didn't come from her, lol). Being an heir to a shoeacidal throne, Olivia gave Munchface the perfect pair of sandals for her birthday:

 On the day of the party, I had to pick-up the sweets at 8:00 a.m.  Hubbs had to work his other job so Munch and I were up and ready to go (technically, I never went to sleep) by 7:00 a.m.

One benefit of getting ready this early is that I didn't look a mess at the party!  O don't worry, I also didn't get in any pictures either, lol.

We arrived and were set up 20 minutes before the party's start.  Munch had time to run around the playground while she awaited the arrival of her guests.  She looked adorable!

I know, the pic isn't a full body shot and she isn't posing all cute-like but give me a break!  She didn't stand still for many photos so I had to steal them when I could, lol.


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