Friday, September 9, 2016

5 Tips for Fabulous Thrift Store Fashion!

Yesterday, I shared Munch's fifth grade photo shoot. I also told you I spent less than $7 to pull her look together.

Today, we're talking about 5 tips to help you find the perfect outfit in the thrift store.

1.  Think ahead.

Finding the perfect piece or outfit may take a few visits to your local thrift store.  Don't get discouraged if your first visit doesn't prove to be a success.  Remember, the inventory is constantly changing!

2.   Go Big[ger].

Don't be afraid to go up in size if you happen to find a good piece.  Two reasons to go bigger:

- Many will tailor classic pieces so size tags don't matter
- Because you will pay a fraction of the retail price tag, consider finding a tailor (or a friend who sews) to adjust the waist and/or hem.

3.  Know the pieces to buy.

That's right.  Dresses, blazers and skirts are the pieces to look for.  I love the blazers and jackets in thrift stores!  Sometimes sizes are mixed in so check the entire section and the size of any pieces you like.

4.  Try It On.

I mentioned it before but I'll say it again.  The sizes in most clothing don't matter.  You need to know how an item fits before you buy!

5.  Get What You Can.

If you love multiple pieces and options, the thrift store is the place to buy all of your options!  Why?  The prices are cheaper, the odds of finding the same piece when you return are slimmer, and buying multiple options will ensure you have something for the future!  Oh, and if you find a statement piece, don't worry with trying to 'thrift' an entire outfit.  A thrifty dress paired with a fabulous shoe is enough.  A fabulous blazer with ripped fitted jeans, a fierce stiletto and retail tank is a great outfit!

The key to successful thrift fashion is to NOT look cheap.  The goal is to have unique pieces that will stand the test of time and don't break the bank!    Happy thrift shopping and be sure to share your finds on social media by tagging me!

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