Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tiffany & Co: The Baby Shower Wrap-up

Today, we’re wrapping up the Tiffany-inspired baby shower with all the details I haven’t covered.

The Invitation

I designed the invitation to Mrs. Lucy’s specifications.  Here's how the front and back of the design turned out:

Actually, I designed all printables and signage for the event.  Guess what.  I’m going to share them right here on the island tomorrow!!!

The Venue

I fell in love with the venue a long time ago and, when Mrs. Lucy told me her plans, I took her to see it and she fell in love too!

The Little Ballroom is a fabulous party room.  Included in the rental fee is full access to the space, tables, chivari chairs, floor-length table linen (including the buffet tables with a fabulous tutu skirt), up lighting and silver chargers at each place setting!  

Image source: the venue website.

It was the perfect backdrop for a classy and fabulous party!

With the venue in place, Mrs. Lucy was ready to work on other projects.   She ordered chair sashes.  

Did you know sashes also make for great blindfolds during a Pringles challenge? 

The evening before the shower we took a break from set-up to let the kids have fun – lol.  You can see in the above photos how the tables were set-up with centerpieces and bow napkins on top of the plates and chargers.

The Layout

As soon as guests walked in, they dropped gifts at the gift table and signed the guest book. 

After they found their seats, guests were invited to write a message on a diaper to make the late night diaper changes a little funny.

Isn’t that diaper caddy adorable?  I found it at The Village for $2.90... on a sale day (squeal!!) so I only paid $1.45!!  I loved it as-is but Mrs. Lucy blinged it out with baby's initials for the event.  After the shower, dad-to-be said he really liked it and tucked it under his arm to take it with him before he grabbed anything else - haha!

Among the items I got from the retail store renovation was an acrylic chair; it is fabulous!  

We knew we wanted special seating for the guests-of-honor.  I brought two pillows from home to jazz up the seats, Mrs. Lucy hung the two panels of curtains from the ceiling (she used PVC pipe and wire to mount it!) and framed the area with baby block boxes that were labeled with baby’s name incorporated into the theme.

After the shower, the chairs were moved and this area became a photo backdrop for guests!

The Games

- Each guest received a pink clothespin for the ‘don’t say baby’ game.

- I hosted a dance game as the ice breaker; it was so cute and fun!

- Mrs. Lucy led the belly measurement game and had everyone bring their guess up to the belly to see who was closest. 

There were lots of smiles!

The Sweets

I tried a new baker in the Prince William County area and she did an awesome job.  She blinged out the Tiffany-inspired cake to match all of Mrs. Lucy’s details and it was delicious.

Her strawberry cake is homemade and tasted like fresh strawberries - YUM!

Chef Joy made cake pops and cookies.  The gift box cake pops were a little brighter pink than we wanted but they tasted really good.  The cookies were SO cute.

In addition to the onesie with black pearls, she made little gift boxes!  They were delicious and fabulous.  One of the aunties-to-be made an assortment of beautiful and delicious cupcakes! Above the sweets table, we hung the baby’s name.

Mrs.  Lucy purchased wooden letters on sale at Michaels and traced them onto poster board.  She used the wooden letters as a guide to cut them out then, she lined each letter with gems.  It’s a great idea if you plan to use the same letters multiple times!

The Surprise

For the gender reveal, I took a few photos of the parents-to-be.

We scheduled a date (shower day!) for maternity photos.  I told Melina that I also had a meeting with a client that early afternoon so I wouldn’t be available prior to our appointment.  It started to rain badly.  I called to cancel photographing them at her house because the natural lighting would be awful.  I told her my friend has a studio and allowed me to use it for a little while.  She called for the address, I spoke with dad-to-be and they arrived and hurried toward the door to escape the elements.  When she walked in, friends and family yelled, “SURPRISE!”  Melina turned to Trevel with a side eye and said, “see.  This is what I be talkin’ about.”  Trevel turned to me and said, “you have no idea how many times I almost died today.  She tried to kill me all day!”  If looks could kill - haha!

There were hugs and kisses, food and fun, games and gifts… but there was more.

Before opening gifts, Trevel stood and announced that he wanted to buy Melina something for the baby.  He held a medium-sized gift bag and pulled out clothing for his baby girl – cute onesies, dresses, and shoes.  At the bottom of his gift bag, he pulled out a tiny box, got on one knee and asked Melina to marry him!

There were tears.  There were giggles.  There were screams.  There. Was. Love.

Another growing family with so much to celebrate!  It was a blessing to be there and to witness.  It was also a reminder of what celebrating life’s milestones is all about.

Congrats to Melina on her pregnancy, her healthy baby girl and her engagement!!

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