Thursday, February 25, 2016

Super Princess Party - Decor and Food.

Howdy, Islanders!  As you probably know, my little birthday twin, DatMyHoney, turned 3 in January.  Due to a snow storm, we rescheduled her birthday party for early-February.  Sheena let her choose her own theme and DatMyHoney chose a Super Princess Girl theme.  Her mama and my bestie, Coach Sheena, went to work!  She pulled together a theme that was chic using intentional decor with tons of awesome DIY elements.  Get ready for cuteness overload!

With a party reservation at a local bounce house, DatMyHoney and two dozen of her closest friends had private use of the two-floor facility.  Upon arrival, each child received a personalized cape.

Remember our post about the capes at the Dollar Tree (more here)?  Well, Sheena ordered a case of capes and used the tutorial (also located in that post) to make some awesome capes for the little ones.  Of course, the birthday girl had a personalized cape made that was extra special with a custom monogram.

The venue was perfect with lots of moon bounce options for kids of all ages, a lounge area for adults, and plenty of space for open play!

Our birthday girl was having SO much fun!  After running and playing, it was time to head into the party room for pizza!  Sheena used balloons to unify the decor and subtle superhero elements to keep with the theme.

Sheena found an image and used it as her inspiration for one of her feature balloon elements:

The problem with Pinterest is that the images do not always work out in real life.  During Sheena's dry run in advance of the party date, she tried to recreate the photo and realized a few KEY points:

1.  The tulle, though a lightweight fabric, is too heavy to keep the balloons afloat!
2.  The embellishments are WAY too heavy for the balloons to stay afloat.
3.  The size of the balloons matters when trying to recreate the photo.

Sheena decided to get the standard balloons with hi-float added (for an additional fee) but she STILL needed to reinforce the balloons' weight.  Sheena used wooden dowels to create the look without the worry of sinking balloons!  

For her balloon embellishment, she used sparkle pipe cleaners.  They added a hint of whimsy to the table and were a simple but unique party element!

Lesson learned:  ALWAYS try a new decor element in advance to avoid wasted time and money day-of!

With two dozen little ones scheduled to sit around the table, Sheena kept the centerpieces simple.  She placed paper lanterns with masks on the table and had a simple link party banner serve as the table runner.  

 For the baked goods, the focus was DatMyHoney's hero monogram:

Chef Joy baked 2 cookies for each little one's favor kit.  She always gives me the mess-ups but even they were cute:

She made a number 3 and a super 'O' cookie to mimic the monogram.  The venue provided each child with goodies and Sheena included the cookies and super hero juice boxes in the provided cups.

She glued capes to each hero juice box!  Aren't they adorable?  For the birthday cake, I sent Misty the design with minor tweaks to fit our theme and the feature items on the cake were the cape and the monogram!

Misty nailed it!

The kids had a blast in the moon bounce area before entering the party room for pizza and cake.

You can totally see the DIY balloon arch in the background of the above photo.  Sheena found a sparkle blank birthday banner and used this area as the photo backdrop.  It was adorable!  Then again, everything about this party and these littles was adorable.

My support for the event was minimal, I handled the design and pickup of the baked goods, made DatMyHoney's headband and served as the event photographer (i.e. I took the camera from MyHoney's daddy upon arrival to be sure Sheena would get the pictures mommies want, haha).  I also decided to pick up the birthday candle from the Dollar Tree as they had the perfect candle set to fill the large top tier perfectly!

This party was the perfect high-energy super chic and super cute event for our super princess girl.  Goodness, I feel like MyHoney just turned 1!

Can you believe she's THREE?!

I know.  Me neither!  Cheers to a super awesome-fantastic day!


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