Thursday, July 14, 2016

Easy Chocolate-Covered Oreos

I have a number of events in the coming months. 

Melina’s Baby Shower
Munch’s Birthday Party
Amalia’s Baby Shower
MaseFace’s Birthday
… and more!

This past Saturday, was the first of many fRamily celebrations; we celebrated Melina’s and Trevel’s little girl on the way!

Before we get started, this was a collaborative effort and, as someone who is cured of my Event Planner Resentment, I welcomed the opportunity to take direction and to provide support.  This is NOT a Tabby-hosted event.  I provided guidance and shower elements but Mrs. Lucy, Melina’s super detail-oriented, bling-loving, and creative mommy, came up with the theme and plan.  I was simply there to do my part and to ensure everyone - guests of honor, shower hosts and attendees - was happy and stress-free.

You see the faces - done, done and DONE!

Now, Islander, you know how I am.  I love to share affordable and innovative ideas for your home and events and this shower is no exception!  It was a great day and I’m excited to share how it all came together. Get ready for cuteness overload!

Melina bakes and creates custom chocolate-dipped desserts.  Remember her gender reveal?

Yea, she’s that girl.  The one who drizzles like it's art.  Yep, she's one of those. #fancypantsMelina

Mrs. Lucy wanted to create a sweets table and she wanted to include some of Melina’s specialties.  My drizzles have looked more like globs so I decided outsourcing might be best to maintain the quality she's become accustomed to. Well, after a quick search, I realized outsourcing wasn’t an option.  More than $20 for 1 dozen Oreo cookies?  Crazy, right?!  I decided to DIY and to create a clean design that mimics a gift box and requires minimal effort!

Here’s what you need:

-       -  Oreos (I used the vanilla but recommend the chocolate to offset the candy melt flavoring)
-       -  Chocolate Warmer (I recommend this tool because it NEVER burns the candy melts and keeps it warm for the duration of the project)
-       -  2 colors of Candy Melts (they come in a variety of colors)
-       -  Plain Oreo Cookie Mold
-       -  Bow Mold
-       -  Tablespoon

For the Cookies:

1.  Melt the candy color with which you plan to cover the cookie.

2. Scoop 1 tb of candy melt into the main cookie mold.

3. Place the cookie inside and gently press until the sides of the cookie are covered.  Be careful not to push too hard because you don’t want the top of the cookie to be seen through the chocolate mold.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until all molds are filled.  Wipe any excess chocolate off of the mold to ensure your lines are clean.

5. Refrigerate 15 minutes or until the candy completely cools

6.  With a plate or napkin underneath, turn the mold over.  The cookies will release and have a shiny coating on top.

I placed them in a large freezer bag and right into the fridge to prevent any damage.  It was at this point that I squealed because they were so perfect!!

For the bows:

1.  Melt the candy color with which you plan to make your bows

2. Use a small measuring spoon or tip of a butter knife to scoop the candy melts into the chocolate mold.

3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all are filled.

4. Wipe away excess chocolate from the mold

** STEP 4 is critical to intricate designs like the bows.  The cleaner the area around the mold, the better your finished product will look**

5.  Refrigerate 15 minutes or until the candy completely cools.

6.  With a plate or napkin underneath, turn the mold over.  The candies will release and have a shiny coating on top.

7.  Place a dab of melted candy on the back of the bow and put on top of the cookie.

When I sent the photo to Mrs. Lucy, she requested that we use them as favors!

She gave me these favor boxes and the cookies fit perfectly!

The favor kit includes printed labels, boxes and ribbons.  I decided, however, to only use the boxes so the adorable Oreos could be the focus (hello! why add a bow only to cover it with another bow?).  I purchased paper shred from Dollar Tree and I loved how they turned out!

They were a great addition around the guest table centerpieces and on the sweets table!

If you're looking for an easy favor that looks expensive and polished, consider purchasing an Oreo cookie mold; the possibilities are endless!  I've got lots of ideas that I'll be sharing in the future.  

Oh and I'd just like to say I'm feeling pretty good about my chocolate dipping skills after this one.  #fancypantsTabby

Stay tuned!


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