Friday, July 8, 2016

5 Awesome Summer Crafts for Kids

Hi, Islanders!  While we adjust to the summer schedule and look to find remedies for boredom, I thought I'd share some of the crafts we are planning to do over the next few weeks.  I'll be sure to share the picture of our projects but, if you're looking to MAKE some fun this weekend, consider one of these awesome projects!

I’ve compiled the go-to summer craft list to keep your kids educated, engaged and entertained!

1.  Nature Walk Name Sign

Photo credit:  [Untitled photo of name sign using leaves] (N.D.). Retrieved June 30, 2016 from]

Give your little ones a small bag and head outside for a walk.  Ask them to pick up some pieces of nature to bring home.  Leaves, twigs, small rocks, flowers, sand, etc. are all great supplies to collect.  When you return home, allow little ones to color or select their favorite color paper and use the supplies to create the letters in the name. 

Tip: Consider introducing new words every day, encouraging little ones to trace with a pencil first and then to use supplies like beans to cover the outline.  When complete, count the beans in each word to increase the educational factor (math work, hello!) without compromising on fun!   

Not only will the daily walks allow for exploration and exercise but the activity when you return home can serve as writing practice (if they trace it) and will allow them to get their creative juices flowing!

2.  DIY Chia Pets

Photo credit:  [Untitled photo of plant in bottle] (N.D.). Retrieved June 30, 2016 from http://www.pinterest

Save a clear plastic bottle for each child.  Cut the bottle in half and provide supplies for the little one to make a face on the front of the bottle.  Place inside soil and quick-growing seeds of your choice like chia seeds, grass seeds, sunflowers, etc. and watch the fun grow in! 

Tip:  Have each child name their bottle pets for added fun!  Consider having each child introduce their friend and, for older kids, have them write a funny or silly story about their new pet. 

This craft is fun, teaches responsibility (with the water and plant food regimen), and reviews the plant life cycle.

3.  Pineapple Print Painting

Photo credit:  [Untitled photo of thumbprint pineapple painting] (N.D.). Retrieved June 30, 2016 from]

Head to the dollar store in search of a watercolor paint set.  Dip thumbs in water and then into the dry paint.  Dab thumbprints into the shape of a pineapple for a cute and time-consuming painting. 

Tip: for added fun, make this craft while a yummy pineapple dessert is baking.  Incorporate pineapple into dinner, serve the dessert and have each child present his painting to the family.

4.  Sponge Bombs

Photo credit:  [Untitled photo of sponge bomb] (N.D.). Retrieved June 30, 2016 from]

I shared my tutorial for these here. Make them after dinner for bath time fun.  Make a bunch before a water bomb war between two teams.  Take them with you to the pool.  Think of them as reusable water balloons!  Simply wet and let the fun begin!  With sponge bombs, the possibilities are endless!

5. Feet in the Sand Painting

Photo credit:  [Untitled photo of footprint painting] (N.D.). Retrieved June 30, 2016 from]

All you need to create a nice painting is sand, paint and glue!  Use the paint to make the water and sand on a canvas or heavy cardstock.  After the paint dries, cover the bottom of your feet in glue and place them on the sand portion of the painting.  Sprinkle sand on top of the footprint to create a 3-dimensional look.  When it dries you will have a beautiful painting that’s perfect for summer decor! 

This post was originally written for Everything Girls Love in my role as Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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