Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Things I Love: Skyroku Oil Diffuser Review

Hi! I’ve shared how the smell of my home can instantly make or break my mood when I walk through the door.  I will wash a load of whites for the scent (because you know I ain't interested in laundry - haha),  I use fabric softener in my homemade Febreez recipe, I have placed vanilla extract into a small foil “bowl” and baked it, I have plug-ins, I burn candles, and more!  I go to great lengths to ensure my house smells as fresh as possible.

Then, I got a dog.  I love my dog but I hate how my dog smells... especially after a walk in the summer heat.

Like, I hate it.  I hate how my dog makes my house smell after a walk or when he farts or burps or ugh. I hate it.  I hate it. I hate it!

My boo, Sheena, always keeps me up on the latest and greatest cleaning products.  She told me about the lemon- and then the lavender- scented Pine-Sol cleaning solutions when they first hit the shelves.  She told me the benefits of hiring a cleaning service to clean the areas of the home often neglected (like ceiling fans, windows and door frames).  One day, she sent me the above picture to start the conversation about her latest gadget that was a game-changer in her house.  What's that, you ask?

It’s an essential oil diffuser and, Islanders, it’s awesome.  I went to Amazon and ordered two Skyroku brand diffusers for less than $30 total.

The Skyroku diffusers have two diffusing settings, continuous and 30-second intervals.  Oh, and Munchface loves them!  Her favorite part is the many lighting options.  She has the option to select one of many color options, the light show option (it cycles through all colors) or to have no light at all.

 That's a video of the light show captured while Munch was sleeping.

Another favorite part for Munch is choosing her oil.  We especially enjoy the peppermint, lemon and lavender scents.  We got the above set for $17!  If you've ever purchased essential oils, you know they cost anywhere from $5-$12 each so, a set of 6 for that price is a great deal!  Here's how it works:

1.  You remove the top and fill the cup like portion with water to the Fill Line.
2.  Add 3-5 drops (more if you have a larger space) to the water.
3.  Return the top to its place and align the 'lock'
4.  Press the power button and design a setting (green for intervals or red for continuous)
5.  Enjoy the fresh scent using oils known for their health benefits and functionality.

An added bonus?  The increased moisture in the air has similar effects to a humidifier and can help with allergies, colds and restless sleeping habits.  I placed one in Munch's room and the other in our family room.  We love the functionality and freshness!

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  1. Thank you for sharing.... I am the same way with regards to fur babies and their manly scents, lol!


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