Thursday, August 25, 2016

Munch's 10th Tropical Party: The Fun!

We've spoken about the favors and fab decor.  Today, I'm sharing images of the party fun!

Everyone had a blast... Well, almost everyone.  Some of the littles weren't happy to learn they couldn't go down the big slides.

Then, there was my nephew.  He is very pale so, in addition to his cute trunks, he had a swim shirt.

We lathered the sunscreen on him and handed him to one of his uncles for some splash pool fun.

You see the face.  Maseface was less than enthused about all of this.

We thought the cool water would calm him but...

He just wasn't having it.  He clawed to get out and preferred the shade under the pavilion.  Oh, and the pizza.  He really enjoyed the pizza.

Everyone took a break to eat.

Pizza, cupcakes, candy... everyone was smiling.

We sang the birthday song.

The kids returned to play and the party came to an end.  Islanders, this kid had a blast. She couldn't stop smiling.

Special thanks to my parents who made it all possible!

I also have to thank Misty of Girl Meets Cake for the fabulous cake and cupcakes, and my friends - Sheena, Sena, Shaunice, and Ms. Lucy - for help with set-up.  

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