Friday, August 26, 2016

Hey, Hula Girl! A Tropical Water Bottle Tutorial

Hi, Islanders!  We’ve talked about the favors, the fab décor, and the fun.  Today, I’m sharing a quick and easy tutorial to take water bottles from simply hydrating to positively Hula HOT!

Here’s what you need:

- Bottled waters
- 1 roll of green streamers
- Poster board or cardstock in event-coordinating colors
- Clear Packing Tape
- Scissors
- Pencil

Here’s what you do:

1. Remove the original water bottle labels.
2. Cut streamer to be the width of the water bottle.
3.  Fringe the streamers by cutting thin slits.  

Note: be careful not to cut too close to the border to avoid tearing.

3.  Tape the "grass skirt" around the lower portion of the water bottle.
4.  Using a water bottle label as a guide, draw a bikini top onto the poster board.  I drew two circles in the center portion of my label with thinner sides to wrap around the bottle.  I found the bright pink poster board at Dollar Tree (DT) for $.69/each.  O

Note: one poster board was MORE than enough to complete this project; I finished with more than half of the board left for future projects.

5.  Tape the "bikini" around the top in the same area the original label was located.

The tropical party was hosted in the heat of a water park so we had lots of water on hand.  I only made 24 hula girl water bottles and the rest of the waters had duct tape wrapped around them that fit the theme (DT had tropical-themed duct tape!).  How cute would these water bottles be placed on a sweets table or at each seat of a party?

Islanders, customizing water bottle labels has become the norm for many events.  I normally don’t recommend placing too much emphasis on smaller details because have you ever heard someone say, "that party was awesome!  Did you see the AMAZING details of the WATER BOTTLE LABELS?" 

No, no you haven't.  I take great care to create statement pieces that have a WOW effect for guests.  Water bottle labels just don't typically make the cut for the wow factor.  Contrary to my professional stance on the small details, in the case of Munchface’s tropical party, I enjoyed finding creative ways to make every element of this party count! 

Nothing better than making guests smile at the sight of a water bottle!  I also guarantee water bottles like this leave a mark.  Seriously, when was the last time water looked this good?

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  1. Hey how are you? this seems like a fun idea for party idea.


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