Friday, September 16, 2016

Dream Big Baby Shower - The Decor.

Hi, Islanders!  FINALLY, I'm sharing the beautiful boho-chic baby shower we hosted for Amalia and Jon.

You know Amalia and Jon.  Jon is my sister-in-law's brother.  Remember?  Jon married Amalia who is Jasmine's, his other sister's, best friend.  Jasmine married B's (my husband's) best friend who also happens to be Munch's god father.  Confused yet?  My bad.  It's a lot I know... You know, everything was cool... we were like family until my brother and his wife had a baby.  I've mentioned it in the past that their baby would be the official connector among all of these people (myself included)... seriously, their child is the puzzle piece we all call our own.  Well, even before Maseface's arrival, we were family... Jon's my brother and Amalia's my sister.  We spend holidays together, we check on one another, we pray for one another and we celebrate life's milestones like when a baby girl is on the way!

Ryan came up with a rustic bohemian theme... she wanted to focus decor on arrows and dream catchers.  With her ideas, I came up with a Dream Big theme and designed the invitation.

I really love the invitation design.  I had a few shower tasks but nothing to overwhelm me. Confession:  I am growing to love collaborating with others.  Pause.  Did you catch that?

I'm playing well with others!

The entry was rustic and simple with a burlap banner and a floral wreath.

We've used those fab chairs for quite a few events and I still love them.  If you do also, they're available for purchase here.

Above the tent and gifts, Jasmine hung her assortment of handmade boho-baby mobiles.

Aren't they lovely?!

The tent is awesome!  I borrowed it from a friend whose daughter's first birthday theme was the same as the shower.  She also gave me a cake topper, a few dream catchers and other decor to help tie it all together.  


I can't wait to share the sweets table.  It was so chic and simple and it had a fabulous feature item!  The feature item for the shower would definitely have to be the giant dream catchers I made to hang over the food buffet.

They all turned out beautifully and I am going to share how easy and cheap it is to make them!

My sis-in-law, Ryan, made the centerpieces using wooden logs and painted mason jars.  Jasmine had a few smaller catchers that I added as centerpiece embellishments and they were lovely!

For the guest book and favor table, we combined a variety of arrow banners and photos to create an awesome display.

This shower was hosted by a talented group of ladies!  Jasmine is super talented and worked with one of her friends to make fabulous favor cookies.

There were dream catchers, arrows, headbands, feathers and more!

I placed them in a tub under a quick sign and boom!  Delicious and pretty cookies for the taking!

Above the table, Jasmine hung a photo mobile to which we clipped Polaroids.  It was such a cool idea to create an instant memory mobile of the day.

The memory mobile was a great piece of decor.  People couldn't pass by without admiring the photos!

Below the mobile, Ryan placed paper feathers for guests to sign.  The feathers will be made to create an adorable and small mobile for baby Avery's nursery.

The decor was dreamy, the day was beautiful and there's so much more to come!  I can't wait to share the tutorial for the giant dream catchers, the sweets table deets, the shower games and more!  Stay tuned!

In the case of the Dream Big baby shower, I played well with others and I learned a few critical lessons along the way.   I'll share the real deal tomorrow!

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