Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pink Craft Room Reveal: Tweaking the Design

Howdy, Islanders!  I've hinted at the completion of the new craft room in a few posts lately.  For the record, it came together pretty quickly.  I used the same formula and decor for the previous craft room.  Oh, don't tell me you've forgotten it already:

I know.  The first craft room was pretty awesome.  For more details on the process of pulling it together, click here.  The only difference between my original plan and the new space was the wall color and the size of the room.

The plan above was tweaked slightly - there'd be no room for a work table (gave the other away), there'd be a different desk chair (I inherited a clear acrylic chair I loved) and I had no room for all of my pretty artwork to fit.

That wasn't going to work.  I love my wall art so, I had to make changes to incorporate the gallery wall decor.

I couldn't fit a wall of artwork and a wall for my pegboard storage.  I had to combine two of my favorite elements.  It became a simple math problem.


Plus this:

Equals this:

I used my tried-and-true technique for determining the gallery wall layout: spread it out on the floor first!

I know some of the pieces are missing but I inherited a pegboard work bench in the basement and I decided to place the old tool storage on that.  The other pieces were moved about or donated to Goodwill.  As you can see from the photo, I placed the scissor artwork at the top and maintained the 'mirror image' on either side of the pegboard for the gallery wall.  I also made the lower portion a functioning area for storage, ensuring the pegboard served its intended purpose!  

I shared the above image on my Instagram page and guess what.

Target liked it and even shared it for all of their followers to see!  OMG!  How cool is that?!

Deets on the photo:  I snagged the mini heart-shaped pinboard and cute bunny bag from the Target dollar bins.  The heart board was purchased on sale during a post-Valentine's Day sale for only 30 cents!  The bag is available for purchase and it's hanging to serve as a reminder for me to get on my Easter craft ideas and baskets!

Stay tuned! I've got more craft room updates and Easter goodies comin' your way soon!

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