Monday, March 20, 2017

Tsum Tsums: A New Tradition and Storage Idea

Hi, Islanders!

We've spoken of some of the trends in girl toys.  The popular toys include Shopkins (the 2016 class valentine's and the storage idea) and emojis (the 2017 class valentines).  I've shared free printables, projects, and room decor.  Today, I'd like to talk about yet another popular collectible and toy.  My reason for sharing isn't to convince you to buy another meaningless toy but rather to possibly manage the amount you already purchase or to present a new tradition for your consideration.  In our case, Target was offering the tiny plush toys on sale for $2.99.  They were  cute.  They weren't cheap.  I turned down the request to purchase a few times.  Missed the sale.  Missed the point.  Totally didn't care.

One day, Mrs. Doubtfire was on tv.  My kid was captivated.  She was wondering where this movie had been all of her life.  I explained it was a classic and I realized something, Islanders.  My kid was missing out on many of the classics I remembered from my childhood.

The next trip to Target was quite informative.  The tsum tsum plush toys were on sale again.  The request was made again. She wanted an Aladdin plush.  My curiosity grew.  Had this child even seen the Aladdin movie?  She responded.  I was shocked.  NOPE!  She'd never heard the songs.  She didn't daydream about owning a pet monkey.  She had never giggled at the Genie's jokes.

Clearly, I'm failing. How could I-- well, wait.  She knew all of the characters' names.  Yet, she's never seen the movie.  

We bought a few.  I promised we'd watch the movie and that she'd grow to appreciate the stories behind the Disney character costumes, clothing and toys.

Over time, the collection has grown and so has her exposure to the Disney classic movies.  I found a storage shelf on a shopping trip to Michael's.  It was cute but a little out of my budget.  I waited.  Then, two weeks later, I spotted several of the cute shelves at my local Goodwill.  Priced at $2.99, one of them was sold and came home with me!

It looks great on the gallery wall in the kid's room.  The above photo is one side of the wall.  I really like the idea of encouraging family time while allowing Munch to collect toys she likes.  Family time, limiting meaningless purchases, and a little throwback Disney fun?  I'm all in!

Here's hoping you collect memories more than things!

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