Friday, March 3, 2017

Dollar Tree Faves: The Mini Recycle Bin Uses

I have declared my love for Dollar Tree (DT) more times than I can count.  Today, I’m sharing one of my recent DT finds, the mini recycle bin!

I know what you’re thinking and at first glance this may seem like a random purchase and blog post but just hear me out, okay?  I love several things about the mini trash/recycle bins at DT:

-          - They’re mini.  I mean, everything is cuter when it’s mini!
-          - The flip-top design. 
-          - The fun colors.
-          - The life-like semblance to its full-size counterpart.

I picked one up and I knew exactly how I was going to use it.  On the ride home, however, I came up with multiple uses for it and thought I’d share them with you... ya know, because maybe if I talk about it, I can avoid buying more. For now.  Because I luh you.  Because you’re awesome... let's get to it.

Pen/Pencil Holder

I saw something similar and thought it was such a cute idea.  I mean, it's a MINI recycle bin and, like we just established, everything is cuter when it's mini (food, toys, people... everything!). 

I wasn't sold on the price.  That's $10 for two bins from Walmart.  I'm pretty sure they are priced for even more elsewhere so, finding them for $1 at DT?!  Amazing.

Doll Trash Can

I don't know if you've ever shopped for American Girl accessories but they are NO joke.  Apparently, when you make things mini, they become cuter and MORE expensive!

$5 isn't too bad but why spend that when you can find them for $1 without paying an added shipping cost?

Drawer Organizer

I am debating whether I should buying 3 more of these mini bins to stand in my bathroom drawer.  I think they would work perfectly to organize my bobby pins, hair ties, etc.  I love the idea of the flip top to make opening and closing a breeze.  I don't know about you but, like with Tupperware, removing lids can get on my nerves but I like the look of a lid.  A quick flip top to open and close would be great for those items I need to grab quickly when styling my hair.  


I may not have a green thumb but I think one of these with a small slow-growing plant would look adorable on a desk.

Party Decor

These bins make perfect favors (filled with candy or crayons), drinking cups, centerpieces, cutlery holders, etc.  If you are hosting a Dump Truck themed party (I know little ones are fascinated when it's recycle/trash day) or even a Dump Truck Cake.  How cool would it be as an addition to this pretty cake?

Car Organizer

My purpose for the mini recycle bin was to have a trash can for my cup holder in the new car.  I vow to keep it clean.  Within the first few days, I realized a lot of my car clutter comes from little pieces of trash that collect in the center console.  For example, I stopped for gas and a receipt printed, I ate a mint and needed to dispose of the wrapper, I stopped for Starbucks and the stirrer straw came in a wrapper... all of those items NEED a place to go.  I don't want to have a bag hanging or trash all in my car (been there and done that).  This mini recycle bin is perfect and I love it!

BONUS:  Thank You Gift Idea!

We've all been there.  It's that moment when you needed a listening ear and spoke with someone close to you.  That person gave you the patience, the judgment-free zone, and the time you needed.  How awesome would this little bin work filled with goodies, placed in a small bag and a tag that said, "sorry for dumping on you!"  Wait, it gets better!  Here's a bonus:
I've designed the perfect tag for you!  To print, I've made it easy on you!  Save the image to your computer and either print from your computer to your printer OR send the following collage to your local printer for a 4x6 print.  Prints usually cost less than 50 cents!

I know and you're welcome!  Honestly, this blog is pretty-much-basically a diary for all my crazy.  Thanks for reading, supporting, and making my crazy feel normal.

You rock!

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