Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Surprise Vow Renewal

For her birthday, Melina's mom was given tickets to a play.  The event was hosted in NJ and her daughter also included a promise of glam for the day - hair, nails, lashes, the works!   As the day approached, Lucy was told the tickets included VIP access to the event which offered photo-ops and access to attend an all-white party.  The couple headed to NJ for the event and, when they arrived for the party, they were greeted by their children.  Their 4 daughters were dressed in matching dresses.

Mrs. Lucy's husband was guided by his brother to the ceremony site.

All of their family and friends showed up for the ceremony.  Talk about surprised.  The couple was thrilled!

I drove to NJ.  I brought my kid.  I arrived early.  I was supposed to take pictures during the ceremony.  I was supposed to be at the ceremony.


On the ride to NJ, Melina called and told me she set it up and everything looked good.  She wanted me to stop by and check it out before heading to the ceremony site.  I arrived onsite at the reception venue.  It was so nice but I had some concerns.  I needed to make some changes.  Melina arrived.  She was panicked.  On the way, the cake was damaged and needed some TLC.  We only had 15 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start and so many things that needed to get done.  Then, I said it,

"Go.  I'll set-up.  This needs to be right and done on time.  I'll stay.... it's okay."

She hated that she had to leave.  She hated that I wouldn't be there.  I was in the zone.  Munch and I worked.  We finished with enough time for Munch to change and get her hair done.  As I returned to my car to add a little makeup, mother of the groom tapped on my window and asked a question.  That was my sign.  The ceremony was over and our guests were arriving.

They entered the space and Mrs. Lucy locked eyes with me.  She was so surprised.  She was so excited.  She was -- happy.

Did you see her face light up when she saw me?  She ran over to me and gave the biggest hug.  She was SO happy everyone she loved was in the building for such a special occasion.  The photobooth was a crowd favorite for guests of all ages.

The space was beautiful.  Ambient lighting, tufted white couches, chic striped walls -- the decor was on point.

My favorite moment at the reception was when the dances started.  It started with Mrs. Lucy dancing with her son, Kenny.

After a few minutes, each of her children had a few moments to dance with her.  Then, it was her grandchildren who danced with her and lastly, her brothers.  Lucy spun into the arms of the people who were closest to her.  It was such a beautiful moment.

Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  May God continue to bless your union!

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