Monday, November 20, 2017

Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party

Islanders, the day had finally come to celebrate my sweet god baby turning one.  Hosted from Melina's parents' home, the party was beautiful!

You may recall that I hired a balloon artist for Munch's unicorrn party that never happened.  Rather than cancel the order altogether, I asked if the balloon artist could support god baby's party instead.  She agreed and created balloon towers throughout the space.  They were so cute!

Mrs. Lucy, Melina's mom, has a beautiful large backyard.  Her and her husband had concrete paving installed to create a long walkway that leads to a paved entertaining area with a gazebo.

We lined the walkway with photos taken over the course of Lani-Nani's (my nickname for her) first year of life.  The balcony was decorated and the photo area was placed around a beautiful bistro set just outside of their basement door.

Tables were outside of the gazebo.

I found the large Minnie Mouse at Kohl's and it was on sale!  Other table centerpieces included store-bought decor paired with one of the custom prints I designed and placed in Dollar Tree frames.  The outdoor space was beautiful!

The indoor space was just as nice too.  Melina made the cake!  She found a rosette cake but, rather than creating the rosettes with buttercream, she wanted a uniform appearance and decided to use a rose-shaped chocolate mold.  She made the cake body and ears, frosted them and covered them with the roses to create a beautiful cake.

Other sweets included the marshmallow pops and pretzel sticks.  The desserts used melted candy melts, sprinkles and un-melted candy melts for ears.  Everything was adorable and yummy!

The sweets table was awesome and the birthday girl definitely approved!

Speaking of the guest of honor, did you catch how cute the birthday girl's party outfit was?

Her outfit was a gift from her auntie; she made the ears, shirt and tutu.  UGH, baby legs and tutus on baby legs get me every time!  As a matter of fact, all of the little ones were super cute.

They all wore Mickey/Minnie attire and they all had a lot of fun.  Activities included jumping on the trampoline,  playing tag and playing in the kiddie pool stations.

I was happy to help pull it together.  I'd do anything for my little boo.  Happy first birthday, baby girl.  I love you!

Islanders, I have a lot of  updates!  Stay tuned... and stay faBOWlous :)

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