Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Minnie Mouse Tree - Pink and Pretty!

I know I mentioned I'd talk about our faux mantle but I figured I'd wrap up the Christmas trees first.

Yesterday, I shared how I snagged a cute little pink tree for $.60 and how I got another tree for the kid's room so, plans changed with the cute little pink tree.  In that same Goodwill Outlet haul, I got a wooden Minnie Mouse plaque.  You can see it, along with the pink tree, in the haul photo below:

According to its weight, Minnie Mouse cost less than $.29.  She was one of many handmade Disney wooden pieces at the outlet.  Of all of the items, Munchface and I agreed that we got the best one.  I started to pull out my Christmas decor and I found a few ornaments from last year's pink tree - there were bow-shaped ornaments, white snowballs, pink bulbs of all sizes... wait, bows?!

 I had an idea:

I decided to create a Minnie Mouse tree, using the cute wooden Minnie Mouse face on the top:

I filled the tree with bows and bulbs.

The bulbs served as an interpretation of the polka dots that Minnie wears.  It turned out very nicely... honestly, it was nicer than I expected.  In a sense that I, an adult, want this tree for myself.

Isn't it adorable?

I finished the tree in the evening and it made me miss Godbaby.  Remember her first birthday party?

Remember her sweet face?

I Facetimed her.  OMG!  When she saw it, she gasped and started to blow me kisses.

She warmed my heart because she loved the tree.  Munchface loved the tree too.  She carried it upstairs and had both trees plugged up - haha.  I was half upset until I saw the warm glow from the Minnie tree and I realized that I love the pink tree lights at night too; the glow is best part!  I let her keep both in her room for a few days.

I will share the full Christmas decor update tomorrow.  See you there!

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