Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Tour 2017: Merry Thriftmas!

Howdy, Islanders!

Thanks for all of your kind words!  I reallly love how our decor came together this year and it feels good to know others can appreciate a good deal!  I hope you're inspired to save some money and check your local thrift store for great deals and amazing finds.

Our new place doesn't have a fireplace or a mantle or anywhere to really hang stockings as a focal point.  There is a large angled island that has a raised ledge.  The ledge isn't wide enough for a stool to sit underneath so it's really a privacy ledge to keep the island's workspace/counter separate from the main living area.  I debated among three spaces for the stockings - hanging from the spiral staircase, hanging from the television credenza, or hanging from the ledge. 

I pulled out the Target Dollar Spot candle houses from last year.  I bought several for the ledge in the kitchen.  Other than the houses, I kept two of my trees.  You may recall the trees from years prior:

They were on the table last year.  For years before, they were displayed in the grandfather clock:

I loved my trees and I collected a few after Christmas each year.  With the move I decided to keep two trees.  The others were given away when I opened my home for the neighbors to come and clear me out.

All that to say, I picked up a bag of brush trees (photographed above) for $1.18.  There were three sizes.  These trees are used in crafts, collectible town villages, and decorative displays like our garland.  I added a few to the sides of the Dollar Spot houses.  I also used one of the lighted garlands from the Goodwill Outlet haul where I picked up the wreath and pink tree.  Each piece of greenery cost $.60 and this garland only needed a little fluffing, some thrifted bulbs, Walmart poinsettia clips and some ribbon to turn out beautifully.  When looking for a place to hang stockings where there's no fireplace, I checked for the following:

- Minimal people traffic (NO DISRUPTIONS)
- Focal point
- Greenery can span the length of the area

I love how the quick, easy and affordable garland turned out.  

The only other kitchen decor is the Goodwill finds, including the vintage set of tin canisters (they have the 12 Days of Christmas wrapping around them), the glittery wood-frame snowman, and the glitter reindeer over the fridge.  

The coffee table got a season update with a reindeer, an electric mini tree (with lights), and my vintage Merry Christmas sign.  

The dining room table got an update when I cut strips of wired ribbon to wrap placemats and placed the adorable Christmas tree napkin rings.  

For the centerpiece, I used a wreath I decorated on the table and placed a lantern in the middle.  It all came together perfectly!

The front door also got a thrifty update.  For less than $20, I was able to create a beautiful display using things I had on hand and those that I purchased from Goodwill Outlet.  I thought it turned out beautifully but I was really excited when someone knocked on my door to buy my wreath!  I made it for about $9 and they paid $45!  

Islanders, how cool is that?!  I didn't mind selling it because it gave me an excuse to make another.  I found a larger wreath at Goodwill Outlet and it filled the door nicely as well.

I am very pleased with the simple yet fabulous decor.  I stuck to that which we have become accustomed.  It didn't matter that we would be packing up and heading to visit family for the holidays.  Half of the holiday joy is building excitement for Christmas and the new year.  Thanks for your patience as I shared our home's decor.  I had so many DIY and thrift shopping tips I couldn't fit in blog posts so, those were exclusive only to the Instagram story.

I can't wait to share the Dollar Tree finds of the season!  There are so many awesome items perfect for decor and for last-minute gifts.  Stay tuned!

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