Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tropical Christmas Tree - Bright and Fun!

Howdy, Islanders!

I mentioned one of our Christmas decor staples is Munchface's tree in her room.  What started as a mini tree in her room turned to a mini pink tree from Target.  Last year, we hit the jackpot when we were able to get the fiber optic tree from Goodwill for a few bucks.  It was the first time the kid ever had a full-sized tree in her room and she loved it!  With the move, the kid's tree was left behind.  I have the base (odd) but not the actual tree.  Weird, I know.  Anyhoo, the move has been major for us.  The kid has made some serious adjustments.  Things are okay but I've been trying to create a sense of normalcy.  In other words, I wanted the kid to have her tree.

I went to Goodwill Outlet and found a major deal! Goodwill Outlet sells items by the pound.  I was able to get 2 garlands, a large wreath and a pink tree for only $2.40!  That means each item was $.60!  I thought I hit the jackpot with the tree and I started to make plans for incorporating the tree into the kid's Christmas room decor.  Before I could finalize the design, my friend found a tree at Goodwill that was perfect for the kid's room.  I loved the tree but I refused to buy it because I already had one... and I got an amazing deal on the tree... hello, sixty cents?!  It was a tough decision because-- well, did I mention...


The lights down the trunk of the tree didn't work so we got a discount on the price.

The manager reduced the price to $9.98.  For less than $10, we left with an amazing tree that fit the kid's room decor perfectly.  I revamped some of the kid's decor we used last year and I am so pleased with the results!

Around this time last year, the kid's flamingo lights stopped working.  Rather than trash them, I removed the flamingos and used them as ornaments last year.  This year, I added party hats.

I used some scrapbook paper and poms I got from Dollar Tree to create the party hats.  They turned out so fun!

I used the poms and some scrap twine to create a pretty garland.  It is so fun and bright!  It ties everything together.  Here's how I created it:

1.  Dab hot glue in the center of a pom.

2.  Place the string on the dab of glue.

3.  Press the pom around the string to seal the pom to the string.

Super easy, right?  I just eyeballed the space between them to create the pom.  I used the poms on the flamingo ornament party hats, the pom garland and as filler in the clear ornaments from Dollar Tree.

I glued table scatter I had on hand (mini pineapples and flamingos) on the outside of the ornaments and used glitter and poms as filler.

I love the ornaments and I didn't need a lot for the tree so, it was perfect.  Wouldn't they be a great DIY project at a party or as a family on Christmas eve/day?

Glitter.  Stickers. DONE!

With the addition of the DIY ornaments, pom garland, flamingos, a few ornaments we had on hand and some new tropical items (I love that mini Adirondackchair and the metal flower in the above photo), the tree was done.

It fits her room so perfectly.  I think we'll keep it up all year as a nifty night light.

There are a few other Christmas elements in her room and they all turned out so perfectly.  Even the fairy garden received a winter and tropical update!

I have some more decor updates to share.  Tomorrow, I'm talking about our garland and stockings... and how sometimes, you have to MAKE a mantle when you don't have one.

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