Friday, February 24, 2017

Baby Shower Favors and Free Printables

Happy Friday, Islanders!

Yesterday, I shared photos and details from the Loved so DEERly baby shower for my new nephew.  These details included the signs I designed and the favors.  Both of these details helped to bring the theme to life.  Do you recall the invitation I designed?

The invitation incorporated a lot of the theme elements - wood, bright white, gray, and the deer silhouette.  The table signs and favor tags followed the same design which maintained decor continuity thus, ensuring the overall event had a cohesive feel.

This was very important to me because the event was set in a restaurant... they can be loud and busy; they can seem impersonal and awkward.  The area our decor would cover was small; every piece needed to count.  For the record, I like rustic events but I'm not a 'go hang in the woods' kind of girl.  Like, hiking?  Nah.  I'll pass.   Bugs?  Animals?  Furry things?  No thankyouverymuch.  I do, however, love the woodsy nursery trend...  It may not be my thing but this shower?  It was beautiful.  I love love LOVE how it turned out.  If you like it enough, I've shared free printables at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy!

Now, moving on to the favors!

The tags are double-sided.  The succulents are super cute.  Everything came together fabulously.

The mini clay pots and white rocks are from Dollar Tree.  The succulents were ordered online and her sister assembled them and cared for them for weeks leading up to the shower.  She's awesome like that.  For the tags, I purchased craft sticks from Michael's, designed two tags, printed 6 per 4x6 photo print, and assembled.

The life hack of printing onto photo prints for instant pickup at my local drugstore?  Genius.  I got all of my tags for less than $2.00!  Guess what?  I've created some generic ones for you to print and enjoy below.  I know and you're welcome!

Here are the signs:

Here are the favor tags!

To print, save the image then send to your local drugstore photo printer for 4x6 prints.  Super easy and perfect for your littler DEER's baby shower!  I hope you've enjoyed this event as much as I enjoyed conceptualizing and sharing!

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