Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1.20: Celebration

For my annual birthday post, I could re-iterate what I've already said here because it all still holds true.  I, however, am still celebrating my birthday (you see my little graphic, lol). Well, here goes...

For Christmas, you may recall that I said I didn't want or need anything.  I'd like to withdraw that statement from the record. I meant that I didn't THINK I wanted/needed anything... Funny thing about gifts - sometimes you don't KNOW what you need until it's given to you. Here's the birthday gift I opened on Christmas:

In the purse was an all-expense paid vacation to Montego Bay, JA!  So, I started preparing mentally... Can I just say, IN MY HEAD, I was alllllll ready. IN MY HEAD the house was clean, my bags were packed, Munch's school clothes and schedule were all laid out for Pop-Pop and Grandma to come stay...


In reality, however, my bags weren't packed (I had no idea where my Summer clothes were), my house wasn't as clean as I would like (my broom broke and I took like a week to buy a new one - DYING), life was moving forward (how the heck can I plan for next week when I'm barely surviving THIS WEEK?!) AND, to top it off, I had drama... and I don't do drama.  So, my drama consumed me. I was thinking about it and talking about it and reading things about it.  I just... found myself expending my time at the Drama store.  THEN, on my birthday eve, it was done. 

 OK. Time to focus and on the day before of course.... OK *claps hands* LET'S GO! *claps again* WHOO! *yawns* Goodness, is it 9PM already? LOL. 

Fast forward through some dramatic record-breaking antics and we made it!  AGAIN, I didn't ask for tangible gifts... 

::Tutu - on:: Birthday sparkles - flying::

FOR MY BIRTHDAY all I wanted was:





He squealed like a girl when the cold water hit him!
I hiked... in water... AWESOME!


Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Glass Bottom Boat Tour
Glass Bottom Boat Tour

An excuse to rock my Louboutins - LOL


Please believe, I got everything I wanted and then some... The road to paradise was rough at times but this man:
ensured this woman:

had an awesome birthday in Jamaica!! Thanks for the birthday wishes and all the love :) 

Keep smiling! O and expect some awesome changes around here... I've got some BIG THANGS comin' :)



  1. Looks like your birthday was fabulous as this island. Very excited to see what's to come

  2. You so deserved it!


  3. Shoehotline: THANKS! I am so excited about the positive changes and forward momentum! Thanks for your continued support!

    @NatalieMcCarter - if there's one thing I learned from you - it's that vacations are critical to keepin' it spicy :)


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