Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 - Our Year in Review

Why, hello 2012. It's so nice to meet you. I don't know if you are aware but... Your older sister, 2011, was really good to me.  Have you seen the fabulosity that was our life this year? One word: BLESSED. Check out our year in review:


My birthday, as always, was an awesome-fantastic celebration.

February brought Valentine's Day. 

We made rainbow crayon hearts for classmates (with sticker notebooks)and Munchface won a free photo session with Keys Photography!

In February, I also had my first EVER guest post on Uplifting Sisters. Such an amazing organization and a great opportunity to spread a positive message from the island.

In March, Uncle Derrick took Munchface to see Disney Princesses on Ice. She (and her baby) was SO excited that we had to pull out the GOOD tutu!

April was quite a busy month.  I designed the centerpieces for my cousin's baby shower in Savannah, GA. 

During our visit, we shopped, we churched (it's a new word, silly) and we sampled the amazing Sunday buffet at Paula Dean's restaurant - AWESOME times (and food) for the {family} girls' trip! 

We celebrated Easter... with {family} and tattoos.

Also in April, I helped a special client celebrate her 4th birthday in Pinkalicious style.

May was full of BIG days! 

We celebrated Hubby's and Pop-Pop's birthdays with {family} fun times.  We attended our first Wine Festival (and gave it 2 thumbs up).

Zion took her FIRST daycare school pictures. 

AND how could I ever forget my PINK Kitchenaid mixer Mother's Day gift?  One of the best gifts I've ever received. Yes, Munch and I got matching outfits for my Mommy's Day dinner :)

June... O June, I will never let Hubbs forget the day Munchface came home with her first CRUSH note.  His reaction was so over-the-top (and people say I'm the dramatic one, lol)!

In June, I was also asked to provide event planning and floral design for an old school hip hop concert featuring Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh - uh, YES?!

July brought polka dots and hands on hips.

Independence Day was great.  We shared a small {family} picnic (in our matching Mickey Mouse shirts - LOL) during a local fireworks show. It was such a nice time.
The sweetest moment of July would HAVE to be when Pop-Pop explained Communion to our inquisitive little one.  Pops was installed as Pastor just the week before and, his official first day on the job, he and Munch had a very important conversation immediately following service. 
I may have teared up while taking these cell phone pics...
One of the biggest months of the year for us... 

First, Munchface had a fabulous Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique birthday party to announce our {family}trip to Disney.
Did I mention (for the 3rd year in a row) her birthday was featured as Party of the Day on Well, yes, it was. Here's a screenshot of the Home Page:

We survived hurricane Irene. Here's our pic the next day. Boy, were we happy to have power. Thank God for His protection!

Then there's our anniversary. My parents sent my brother, sister-in-law, Hubbs and I away on a cruise to the Bahamas and picked us up from the port to begin our {family} week in Orlando. We had some much-needed couples' time :)

We all loved the quality time at the resort!

Of course MAGIC was made at Disney.  Munchface had a blast!

In September, we started Kindergarten.  I survived.



During the month of October guess who participated in the 31 Days of Change? ME!

On the {family} front, October brought us our first loose tooth.  To calm my nerves (this kid is growing too fast), my dear friend, Jovial, and I made a tooth pillow. Adorable, right?

O and how could I EVER forget our Halloween, I mean WILLOWEEN? Munchface was a super star!
November... My big-huge-awesome guest post on YFS, titled, Thanksgiving Decorating on a Budget, was a hit.  All those nerves and sweat stains were for nothing, I guess ;)
Before my turkey could get cold, I was already planning Christmas.  By the time December finally showed up, we knew that we were hosting Christmas at our house and the crafting, decorating and baking was well underway... It was a blast! That post is coming soon (like, tomorrow).
O and, during the month of December, I was featured on MomsTalkNetwork! Check it out here.

We took family Christmas pictures and they turned out amazing (the pics are coming in a separate post).
I may not have gotten Christmas cards mailed but... I DID hand them out to family on NYE and that is 10 times better than before.  NEXT YEAR, they'll be done. Promise.

Sprinkle in some events, crafts and bows and you've pretty much got our year in a nutshell :)

So, enough about me and mine, how was your 2011?



  1. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! You all are truly blessed and a you did a lot in 2011. It seems like most of that stuff just happened yesterday. Well in 2011, I celebrated my 1st Anniversary!!! And people are still complimenting me on how beautiful the wedding was. Thanks #embellishedaffairs!! I'm looking forward to what 2012 will bring.

  2. I am soooo proud of you. I always love reading about your new crafts and cant wait for the next one. You are such an inspiration. Keep up everything that you do and are. #luvyalots *Vona

  3. LifewithHappy - THANKS! It didn't feel like we did a lot this year but the pics and dates don't lie. One of the reasons I love the blog. Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous. You deserve every compliment you get, seriously. Your style was impeccable and the love you and David share? Undeniable.

    Vona - Don't make me cry. You have known me since the days when I was embarassed to be the nerd I am. We've been through a lot and you inspire me to live MY life to the fullest. Luvya2 :)

  4. Where is the "like" button when you need it?


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