Wednesday, August 1, 2012

...And the winner is....

I've done a number of guest posts on blogs but I never thought to host a giveaway...  That is, until my recent and overly discussed on the island post at The NY Melrose family. I felt so fancy to have my first GIVEAWAY!!  Because it's my first and because I'm *like*totally* all giddy about it, I'd like to introduce my winner, Stefanie:

Beautiful Dreams

Her blog, Beautiful Dreams, is so pink and cute and girly (did I mention it's pink... because it is). She conducts quality product reviews,  offers great beauty recommendations, shares homemade beauty tips and even mentions some of the latest giveaways in blogland. 

We just e-met but I am SO excited to try her cappuccino milk bathapple granola face maskpeppermint tea tree soak and HELLO! These rainbow bath cookies would make FAB party favors:

::Celebration clap and happy dance wiggling::

Please excuse me.  I am just so excited Stefanie, along with 324 others, took valuable time to enter the contest so THANKS!  I'd also like to thank Jenny (again) for extending the invitation to guest post; it really means a lot :)

Note to self: I didn't think I'd ever be this happy to give my money away.  

Self, we might have to do this again :)



  1. Love this! You were an amazing guest poster. If that's a word. Now I just need to convince you to sponsor :)

  2. Sounds like your winner has an awesome blog.


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