Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nevermind The Ruffles

I took over this week's posts with the details of our sweet little shower for God baby.  I really appreciate your sharing in my excitement but I'd like to consider today's post my "disclaimer."

I receive multiple requests for event assistance and design development everyday.  While I find it fun to create spaces with huge impacts, I don't want THAT to define the events I host. 

God baby's shower was special because it was for my dear friend and her beautiful family...  People I've grown to call my family.  It highlighted the best of 2 people... The kind of people who you want to do things for because they never ask for anything... 

Many guests had not seen them in years so the responsibility to ensure I represented them in a great manner was my only requirement.  Yep, I said it. That was all I cared about... Not the linen or the fondant.  We could've had some plastic table cloths and a sheet cake and had just as much fun.

Don't get me wrong, I love the ruffles and bows and frills of it all (you KNOW I do)... I just choose not to let those little things dictate my events' success.  I let the love speak for itself...  

Just when I was caught up in hosting the "event" and thought I knew everything that was going to happen, I was surprised.  At the end of the shower, before we headed out for the group photo, the parents-to-be introduced the God parents. I knew I was the God mom but I was SHOCKED when daddy-to-be announced that Hubbs is the God father!  It was a sweet moment because Hubbs and I made eye contact and he started grinning like he's known the entire time (maybe that's why he didn't fuss about my budget busting?).  It makes things extra special to know WE will share this experience with some of our favorite people...  

As if I needed more "big" news about our tiny blessing on the way :)

My prayer for you this weekend is that you take time to hug those you love, that you let the dishes sit in the name of making memories and that you pick up the phone to tell someone you love them. I sure will!

I leave you with pictures I took of my friends who are bringing my beautiful God baby into this world:



  1. Tabby, I heart you more than you'll ever know! We appreciate everything you did and most importantly we appreciate being an extension to your beautiful family! Thank you & I love you! MUAH

  2. This is so special! What an honour for you and your hubby to be God parents together!

  3. Your friend is such a beautiful pregnant lady!


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