Friday, August 31, 2012

August 15 - More Surprises.

After the pony surprise at camp, we headed home to consolidate into 1 car.  When Munch sat down, there was an American Girl magazine in her chair and she was so excited to pick it up and talk about all she wanted for her dolls.  Almost on queue, Pop-Pop passed Hubbs a big red box with a pretty white ribbon for Munch.

"Happy Birthday, baby." ~ Pop-Pop 

Surprise!  Pop-Pop and Grandma Lisa bought her an American Girl! While Hubbs drove us to lunch, Munch shopped the catalog with her new doll.

We said we were going to lunch but no one said where.  Surprise! We were going to lunch at the new American Girl flagship store in Tyson's Corner!  She practically hung up with Grandma Lisa when she saw the store.  It was adorable to watch her skip to the store; she was so excited!

Pop-Pop and Grandma also gave her a "credit card" for a mini shopping spree.

We had a blast picking out outfits, shoes, accessories and more but the best part for Munch was using her card to pay (Hubbs picked up the difference, lol).

Of course, we had to get the full experience so dolly got her ears pierced and her hair done:

Finally, with more than an hour of shopping under our belts, we were ready to eat.  Munch and I were seated and the waitress mentioned the birthday package - for $30 the birthday girl got her appetizer, meal, drink, matching party hats, a goodie bag AND a cake.  We HAD to have the package and it was totally worth it!

My view

The Hats!

Pop-Pop documenting the cuteness:

They even loaned Hubbs and Pop-Pop dolls to keep Munch's new doll company at lunch, lol:

Reviewing her purchases with dolly

Every table had a conversation game where you ask each other questions.  Pop-Pop got into it, lol.

The food was amazing, the experience was even better and the cake?  FABULOUS!

What a perfect way to end an awesome birthdate celebration.   If it wasn't a surprise and we hadn't started planning the birthday party, this was more than enough for our little sweetheart. 


If you know her.  And you know me.  And you can imagine the excited family members... You know we had a fabulous little party a few days later... I can't wait to share the deets!  Here's a sneak peek of the dessert display!

Do you see that cake? Those mini cupcakes? The easy pennant banner? All that and then some coming soon!  

Have a sweet weekend, islanders!



  1. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful birthday girl and she looks sooo happy with her surprises. :) Can't wait to see the party!

  2. I hope she had a GREAT birthday! Those dolls have SOOO much stuff! I think it's awesome they can get their ears pierced & their hair done. That package was a steal. I'm a new follower from the BlogLoving hop.

    I hope you & the fam have a great weekend!


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