Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Up and Up

She wore daddy's slippers to dinner last night.  My life.

Did you see this post's title?

Up and Up.  Yep, I'm on it. 

I'm not at 100% but atleast the cold sweats, the random runny nose and the snoring (I think) have stopped.  My kitchen is clean, my hardwood floors are clean and I'm working my way through the rest of the house.  I may not move as fast as I normally would but mama is moving and I can see the fear in the eyes of my manly and mini room mates, lol.

On top of cleaning, I have a LOT to do for Munch's birthday party.  O and did I tell you Hubbs has decided to get in on the party planning fun? 


Well, this guy purchased a Groupon.  Yes, a Groupon.  For what, you ask? A pony.  Yes, a pony.  He is so excited and thought his phone call to announce "it's going to make a GREAT blog post!" would make me equally as excited. 

Although I guess it's kinda cute he wants to surprise Munch for her birthday.

I am working the logistics in my head (dolls, bakery and now a pony at this small party in our small home. UGH, sounds like a train wreck) but I will keep you posted on the updated plan.  This week, however, I NEED TO:

- Make cutlery paper packets
- Finalize the tablescape layout
- Order last minute supplies
- Finalize decor

OMG! The birthday party is upon us and I need to get as much done as possible this week so I can decorate most of next week.  Wish me luck!

Cleaning - check 
Planning - check
Making lists - check 
Rockin' the hair in a bun -  CHECK! 

I might not be 100% but I thank God for sick days; they make me appreciate my well ones!

My family, however, better get ready for the bleach butt kickin' I'm about to have around this house; payback is upon them.

I hope that you're motivated to get things done and that you'll come back to see some of our party projects!

Happy (a pony?! Who does that?) Wednesday!



  1. Munch is so cute! Looking forward to the party planning! That Pony...Hmm!

  2. Good luck with the planning! I'm a new follower & I've gotta say I love the theme of your blog - I'm anchor obsessed and and island lover, so I adore it.



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