Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bags, Boxes, Bins - The Disconnect.

As you know, we bought a new house.

Hubbs tightening the new formal dining chair legs.
I've been traveling for work.

No one told me it's impossible to look cool with a laptop bag and a sticker nametag on.

I planned a bridal shower and a bachelorette party.

Banner tutorial coming soon!

Favor table tutorial coming soon!

Partyin' in Vegas.
I was the Matron of Honor in my sister-friend's wedding in Las Vegas.

Quick tutorial coming soon!

It's been a lot in the past 6 weeks.

A lot.
Islanders, I have a confession.
I haven't unpacked my clothes yet.

Hear me out!  At first, it was because we purchased a new bedroom set so we had no furniture.  Huh?  Uh... Why yes, the new bedroom furniture arrived (like 3 weeks ago). 
Pic from the store's magazine
No, I haven't put any of my clothes in the dresser.   Yes, the clothes are still in bags, bins and boxes all over the floor. 

Yes, I hate it.

No, my hate hasn't driven me to fix it.

See, I've got a horrible habit of doing the most for others and neglecting myself. As I mentioned in the Bucket List post (here), I am no longer going to apologize for taking care of me and mine.
I am going to take this week to disconnect from the world when I leave the office.  I will not answer phone calls.  I will not respond to emails.  I will not do anything other than unpack my clothes and make my master bedroom pretty.

I've always focused on every room besides my bedroom.  In our other homes, it became a hodge-podge catchall of decor and random bedding.  Simply put, it became a major source of stress for me (as long as it's clean, the man could care less *eye roll*). 

This time, I want our room to be our oasis.  You know, our escape from life's stress...  Our personal romantic getaway.  To make this happen, I'm going to put some work into the master bedroom upfront.

Islanders, please excuse me while I unplug from the world in an effort to make progress around my home.

With my work around the house, Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day upon us, I'm going to pick up with the Vegas posts after we discuss some last minute gift ideas.  Stay tuned!

Are you holding yourself back?

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