Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good News: The Move.

I've mentioned our major life changes going on.  Well, I think I'm ready to share what's happenin' 'round these parts. 
My life is, well...
Like, seriously.  My job is crazy busy, my hours are all over the place (remember the daycare incident? Well, we're still dropping her off and picking her up), I'm the MoH in a Vegas wedding in a matter of a few weeks (bridal shower and bachelorette parties, helloooo) and, to top it all off?
No, seriously.  Packing.  Yep, moving.  Closing...
Within 24 hours.
It's kind of a major deal, I know.  I'm late sharing, I know. It's just this market and this process has been full of question marks. 
Wait.  What's that you say?  How'd we get here?
Hubbs and I have been discussing the purchase of our new home for about a year.  You're never going to believe it BUT all of this talk stemmed from our typical home update conversation.  Hubbs was fed up with all my talk about granite (you know I want granite... and new kitchen, bathroom and entryway flooring...) and blurted out, "WHY would we waste money on this place when we're moving?!"
Yes, I knew we would eventually leave but right now (and for the rest of my time here and for the resale value) and-- did he just say we're leaving in a year?!
When did WE decide that?
We had been putting money away but not actively saving like we should.  Long story... Hubbs was a victim of auto fraud and we emptied our pockets to win the case... By "win" I mean we got enough back to negotiate a payoff for the vehicle he traded in on the new vehicle (to an unlicensed dealer who never paid off his loan i.e.  we had two car loans, one for a car we no longer had in our possession - and could not find because it was sold to someone else - and one for a car we had but couldn't technically own because the "dealer" did the same thing to someone else)... Maybe one day, I'll get around to telling you about that.  Between the two luxury vehicle payments, the luxury auto insurance, the new car's maintenance, the travel to Virginia Beach for multiple hearings, the lawyer fees and much more, we were out more than $70K in just-under 3 years... From our pockets...  From our savings... Thankfully, our lifestyle didn't have to change too much to accommodate the bills.  For me, it meant getting comfortable in our townhouse... Working harder to make it a townhome. 
With the auto drama behind us and money coming back in our pockets, we worked to rebuild our savings.  Sure, life happened but we were on the mend.
Maybe we could get a house in a year.
I didn't want to nag at the idea.  I said what I wanted and I knew Hubbs would tell me when it was time.  I continued to make small updates to our home.

On our way home from Miami (February 3, 2013), Hubbs was on his cell phone.  Scrolling and clicking and tapping his screen...  He looked at me grinning and whispered, "wanna see what I'm looking at?"
Sure he'd been interested in the HGTv shows. I may have dropped realtor cards on the floor in the bathroom (in front of his throne).  Conversations of the next house update were creeping into our pillow talk but HOUSES?  He was looking at houses.
We spent the next few hours in the airport excitedly looking at houses.  The two of us sat down the following evening to discuss our path forward.  We looked at the savings account, identified the debt to remove and paid most of it off (freeing up close to $2,000/month).  The next day, with our pre-approval in hand, we were narrowing our requirements for our next home.
That's right.  Monday, February 4, we were scrolling through listings of homes discussing what we each of us wanted... We were excited at the possibilities.
After seeing some great properties and quickly learning the market is not as slow as it once was, we were ready to make an offer.
February 15, we had an accepted offer on our dream home.
Our plan is to rent our current property (we've got a tenant!!!!!) and enjoy all the amenities of the new place.
Property Deets?
A realtor-purchased flip property, the new place has been completely renovated and remained in its vacant state.  It's in an awesome community and we are very excited to join the activities!  It's got plenty of room for us to grow and to contain my crafts. I am just certain right now, with all that I've got going on, my excitement is what's fueling me.
God is so good and has shown himself faithful in every adventure of our small family.  I'll be back to share pics and such... I just have to figure out how to work this doggone PACKING TAPE!
'Til next time,


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see pictures of the new place!

  2. Aaaahhh...(lightbulb). Your email makes sense now. This is how quickly God moves. Was that less than 2 weeks?! Awesome. Congratulations!!!


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