Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 31 - The Conclusion.

O Islanders, as much as I enjoyed making that pretty button (above). I started to take the content of my series posts to heart.  I couldn't focus on my home life sitting behind a computer most of my night; I had to disconnect from the island to reconnect with family.
Despite my failing attempt to blog everyday, I have learned a lot about home.  Over the course of the past 31 days, leaves went un-raked, carpets went un-vacuumed, laundry went un-done... we enjoyed each other (for the most part, lol).  I spent time with friends and family AND I loved every second of it :)
Now, give me some credit.  I did blog most of the time, lol.  O and I hope, even with the infrequent posts, you've taken away that home isn't about the things inside a house, it's about:
An orange + A softball glove + A helmet = my panic attack in the kitchen
KidzBop blaring from her tablet during a Saturday morning concert for me.
Tic Tac Toe game on the sofa
Cookie anticipation
Men at {yard} work
Sharing 1 seat cushion 
Foyer turned dance performance venue 
Blowing up the air mattress for friends 
Family celebrations
Ok... So, I admit that for a long time I struggled with taking my time transforming a new house into our forever home.  I wanted to hurry to a finished product but... well, I'm coming to terms with the decision to make this right for us.
Sure, my television has ugly wires coming out of it because I want to be sure it's mounted in the right place.  I have placeholder pillows on my sofas because I'm still trying to find the ones I love.  There are pieces of artwork leaning on walls where they may hang one day.  I have an awesome thrifty find for the powder room that is waiting to be hung.  There's an unpainted kitchen table that anchors my garage.  It's cool.  Don't worry.  The longer I live with bare walls and empty rooms, the more I've realized how little I need stuff.
I hope you'll join me on this new movement to accept the place I call home in its current state of good enough.
Things are going well for us right now.  I've got some updates so I'd rather lift the restrictions of this series in an effort to move on with our blogging life :) 
Excuse me but Munch's Halloween costume, the monster bash updates, DIY projects and more are to come.
YAY for returning to our regularly scheduled program!

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