Thursday, November 21, 2013

TOGA!TOGA!TOGA! - Fun & Games

Now, it's time for my mom's favorite part of any birthday party - the games!
Adult birthday parties (that have a theme, an open bar and a DJ) do not typically focus on games.  My mom, however, is alllll about the fun!  She is a fabulous party host and wanted her birthday to have structured 'get up and move something' activities.  I think we came up with some fun activities so, check them out!
As guests arrived, they mingled, ate and found seats around the tables.  To break the ice, we made each table a team and tasked the teams with choreographing a "Walk Like an Egyptian" dance.  The DJ played The Bangles 80's hit, Walk Like an Egyptian, and teams had until the end of the song to come up with a simple routine.
Mom's team had a cute wiggle-and-pose dance.

While Mike and Ryan's table had a divide-and-conquer approach for a girls and guys line dance.

Sheena and Dom's table formed a copy cat line so  each simple move was done in sequential order for a ripple effect.

 Last but not least, David and his BFF did... well, a zombie walk instead of a dance.

We all had a good laugh!!  This activity also allowed guests to get to know each other.
Game #2
The second activity was a 'get up a move something' activity that Mom was SO excited about.  She recruited our dear friends, Sheena and Dom, to learn and teach a portion of the infamous Thriller dance routine.
Yes, that Thriller.  Yes, my mom requested it.  I mean, it was the weekend before Halloween.  Who isn't excited about Thriller?!
Dom and Sheena showed up and showed out.  They learned the steps especially for Mom.  Dom was even practicing in his work clothes before the party started:
Can you see him zombie squatting in that picture up there?
We handed him the mic and it was time to get down!
Have you figured out that my Wordless Wednesday post last week was a picture of the crowd learning the Thriller steps?

Yep, it was. 

 We all danced our hearts out! Thanks Dom and Sheena for the THRILLING fun!
Game #3
As is [becoming] tradition for Mom's birthday party, we had the costume contest.  Everyone looked awesome but only a few were up for the stiff competition!
Up first was the ladies:

The guys had their moment to shine:

As you can see, the judges didn't have an easy task by any means.
They decided on a dance-off between the top two guys and girls.
The DJ dropped Beyoncé's hit, Single Ladies, and our top 2 goddesses got to work:

I can't share all of the pics because the next day, Sheena announced that she can't BELIEVE she got so wrapped up in the competition and shook everything her mama gave her... in front of parents and church folk no less, LOL!  Whatevs, IT WAS ALL IN GOOD FUN!
After the ladies, it was the guys turn and they both did the same OOoooooOoo kill 'em dance, lol.  You had to be there:

After ALL that, Mom announced that everyone was a winner but she just wanted to see them get down!!!
Rather than candles on the cake, our gods and goddesses held candles in honor of the birthday pair.  I passed out battery-operated candles to guests and we prepared to sing the birthday song.  Of course, mom had words and Dave, in his tipsy way, sang, giggled, acted like he'd cry and... well, he probably would've kept going had I not snatched the mic to get along with the birthday songs.


The cake was served, the DJ really started jamming and we all had a great time dancing the night away!


Special thanks to everyone who came and made it memorable!
OMG! Did you see my party hair?
I had on a strapless top for the photo FYI!
I wanted to create a crown of hair so I had Hubbs part my hair into 6 pony tails (with 3-4 twists in each pony tail) and I wrapped and pinned it up.  I love how it turned out!
Anyhoo, I hope you have a ROYAL day :)


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