Friday, November 22, 2013

Gadiel's Monster's Bash

I've posted about Mom and Dave's Toga Party which was hosted the weekend before Halloween.  I've shared Munch's cute little semi-homemade Halloween costume.  The time has OFFICIALLY arrived to share the party that was hosted the weekend after Halloween when we celebrated Gadiel's second birthday.

Yes, Gadiel.  My baby boy whose baby shower I helped plan and host.  The one whose first birthday party I was so excited to help execute:
Yes, him.
This year, my favorite Costa Rican family was hit with tragedy when, two weeks before the party, a pipe in their upstairs bathroom burst and flooded their entire house!  I was brought to tears when I received the phone call and learned my friends would live in a hotel until well after the New Year while their dream home was gutted and rebuilt.
I listened to the sadness in Gaby's voice fade as she excitedly shared the plans for Gadiel's Monster's Bash.  Sure, with the recent events, the venue changed but the party was going to happen.  After all, it was the only thing they had to look forward to.
My only task? The cake.  Gaby settled on his costume for the day and told me her décor plans... I used this information to get to work planning the design with Misty, my favorite awesome baker-friend.
I wanted the cake to be over-the-top and special.  I wanted to shock Gaby with a beautiful cake because I knew, if only for this one day, they didn't want to think about packing up their soiled belongings and moving to temporary housing.
FFWD to PaRtY DaY!
Munchface got all dolled up in her Winter Snow Princess dress.  I let her wear dangle-sparkle earrings, real makeup and even re-used my head piece from Mom's Toga Party.  She looked so cute!
It was a warm sunny day so Hubbs insisted he take a picture of her before we left.
We picked up the cake and headed to the party room with the sweets :)
Gaby was so excited when she saw the cake; it was GORGEOUS! 
I put the cake in its designated location and admired it for just a few moments:
Isn't it cool?  It was the perfect addition to the menu because Gaby went all out with the snacks!  There were:
Ghosts (Costa Rican bananas with edible food marker)
Pumpkins (oranges and celery)
Witches' Brooms (pretzel sticks and string cheese)
Mummies (pigs in the blanket)
Spiders (meatballs)
... and SO much more!
O and games?! Gaby never disappoints! Guests enjoyed a traditional Costa Rican game!
Volunteers ate a marshmallow and said a phrase after each marshmallow.  The rules are players cannot swallow or chew the marshmallows and the person who fits the most marshmallows in their mouth wins!
Yep, you guessed it - this guy won! He stopped after 45 marshmallows... Although he knew he could fit more, lol.
Next up, the kids played pin the nose on the Jack-O-Lantern:
This activity was a hit with kids of all ages!  After a few games of hot potato (with Thriller playing in the background), Gabby passed plain bags and stickers to each of the guests.  They were given a chance to personalize the bags before lining up for a costume parade with trick-or-treating!!!
I, along with 5 other adults, headed outside with our bags of goodies for the kids.  The kids came out and looked so cute as they walked the loop collecting treats from the adults along the way! 
After the parade, it was time to fill the bags with treats from the piñata!
We sang happy birthday and cut the FABULOUS AND AWESOME AND ADORABLE AND GREAT AND PERFECT cake:
Gadiel loved the cake but was afraid to touch it.  To help him warm-up, Gabby reached and grabbed an eyeball...
...turned it to Gadiel and said, "I SEE YOU!!"
Talk about hilarious!
 OMG! Isn't Gadiel adorable?!  Let me just say, he wasn't the only cutie on duty, these little Hulk twins were flirting with me the entire time:)
O and all of the kids were adorable in their costumes but this little Mexicana?!  She took the cake!
It was a great day!!!
I'd say the birthday boy had a good time too:
He was knocked out, in that very spot, with all the sounds of a party and even the sounds of party clean-up buzzing around him!
We headed home where Tati and Langston were hanging with Hubbs awaiting our arrival.  I don't know how it happened but there were family room decisions made. 
Blame the Dr. Pepper we shared or the exhaustion on both our parts.  Whatever the case, I have some updates but, don't worry, I'll share the changes as soon as I'm finished!


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