Friday, November 15, 2013

TOGA!TOGA!TOGA! - Decor and Costumes

Do you remember my mom's 50th birthday last year?
 Of course you do :)

It was a Retro costume party that was a blast for everyone in attendance.  How could you ever forget?

You may recall Dad's birthday gift to mom for her 50th birthday was a trip to Paris.  They left the day after her party.  Although they had a fabulous time and returned safely with lots of memories to share, immediately upon their arrival, Dave (my baby brother) started a gripe fest about how they missed his birthday while they were away and how he hasn't had a birthday party in years.

Remember my birthday cruise in celebration of my 30th or the birthday party my parents hosted for my other brother, Mike.

Well, my mom has resolved to show her family she loves them at every opportunity.  For Dave's birthday, she wanted him to have an amazing party.  Because their birthdays are only 2 days apart, Mom decided to combine her costume party with David this year - how cute! 

She wanted to keep it fun for the wide range of ages that would attend AND she wanted to keep the cost low for guests.  She decided to host a toga party.  After all, the costume can be as simple as a bed sheet, right?!

The party was awesome!

First, let's talk décor.

We wanted our gods and goddesses to arrive in style so we created a walkway lined white flowers.

To the right of the door, we decorated a table to hold gifts and photo props:

 I was tasked with set-up, centerpieces and cakes.  I wanted to create simple centerpieces for the guest tables.  I also wanted to be sure they were equal parts affordable and cute. 

To The Dollar Tree I went!  I picked up small "bubble" vases from The Dollar Tree, filled them with a mix of white flowers (carnations, roses, baby's breath and fake flowers) and added a gold wreath-shaped ornament (also purchased from The Dollar Tree) to the top:

Can you see the birthday cakes in the background of the above photo?  Aren't they awesome?!

Of course, Misty created the toga-inspired birthday cake for guests to enjoy. 

I also had personal cakes for each of the guests of honor.  One for mommy:

One for David:

Mom brought some pretty jars to anchor the sweets table. 

The venue was set, the food was ready and we were about to par-tay!

The DJ played while the gods and goddesses rolled in:

Everyone looked AMAZING and I can't wait to share the good time we had. 

Up next the party timeline!!


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