Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas - In Real Life

Today, I'm starting a holiday mini-series where I'll share Christmas as I experience it.  Among other topics, the focus will be on the fabulous décor of those around me.
I have some awesome friends and family. I can't wait to share some of the amazing talent that surrounds me.  Matter of fact, do you wanna be featured?  Just comment with your contact information and I'll reach out for your images. 
Hint: this is a great opportunity to highlight your talent, décor and website (wink).
First up? My new friend, Sherry.  She is my craft twin.  Her eyes light up when I talk about party and craft plans.  She understands when I get a midnight Starbucks itch and she is always down to roll with me to get my fix.  She just *like* gets it.
Anyhoo, I told her I wanted to use burlap in my décor this year and I wasn't surprised when she shared she was planning to do the same.
Our little girls are BFFs so on one of my daily visits to her house, I walked in and THERE IT WAS:
No, not the kid.  The big ol' fab tree!
I was sitting on my hands planning my tree and trying to figure out how I'd make it work while Sherry was over there actually doing... Pulling things together and making it fabulous. 
The best parts of this tree are found in its handmade details. Let's take a closer look shall we?
Sherry wanted the focus to be on the burlap so she kept the décor simple.  She used a few gold bows, simple bulbs in varying shades of gold, sparkly gold tulle (she cut in strips) and, get this, she spray painted her Christmas lights to become a décor feature on the tree.  NOT only did the lights add a décor element BUT they toned down the glare of the white lights.  The warm glow is so lovely:
O and, because she wanted an over-the-top burlap tree, she also made this fabulous tree topper:
My absolute most favorite-est part of her tree? Her fabulous NO-SEW burlap ruffle tree skirt:
As with every holiday, Sherry created a fabulous Christmas vignette:
Of course, there were homemade elements here also:
Yep, that's a bulb topiary she made by gluing bulbs to a large Styrofoam ball.  I LOVE IT! 
Other crafty décor items include:
The Sparkle Wreath
The Rosette Trees
Yes, they're made of paper.  No, for real, it's paper.  Pretty cool, right?! Doesn't it reminded you of these $24 - $30 trees at Target?
When I arrived, Sherry was making a similar version:
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! I can't wait to beg bribe cry ASK her to make me one (or four) in all white for my dining room.
She's just so talented!  I'm so excited for her to start blogging about all of her projects!
When I visited her home and saw all of her fabulous décor and projects, I was kicked into gear to get mine finished. I hope this post has inspired you to add some homemade elements to your décor this year also. 
Happy Friday and cheers to MAKING your Christmas Merry!

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