Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Indoor Decor - The Mom Tree

Have you ever tried to make something beautiful with a child and man?

Like, seriously.

Think about those 2 groups of people.  OK, now think about how it would ever be possible to make something beautiful.

Enter the Christmas tree stage right.
You mean to tell me you don't feel my pain?
I realized that I had a slight problem when we were dating.  I nearly broke out in hives when Hubbs offered to help.  Trying to be the best girlfriend, I accepted but I would move ornaments all over that itty bitty tree.  WHAT?! He put them in the wrong places. 
When we moved into the town house, Pat, a family friend gave us a Christmas tree set (lighted wreath, garland and tree).  I decided to put the tree in the living room and to decorate it with colors that coordinated with my living room.  I went shopping for ornaments (chocolate, silver and turquoise).  I fluffed the tree until it was perfect.  I put each ornament in its assigned seat.  I spent days making sure everything was just right.  Then, THEN, I turned on the lights.  It was fabulous.  All around.  Just fabulous.
It was all mine. 
When it came time to decorate the family tree, I wasn't as stressed.  I didn't move as many ornaments.  Having my own tree to decorate was a benefit for everyone.  Thus, Islanders, the Mom Tree was born.
With this being our first Christmas in the new house, I have been experimenting with décor.  My mom tree is in the formal living room.  This room only holds the grandfather clock (formal clock introductions to come soon enough):
It also serves as a focal point from the outside (can you see the tree far right?):
I wanted a new tree topper (found a whimsical snowflake topper, originally from Target, at the thrift store for less than $3) and I decided to change up my typical sweets and shoes theme... I did, however, want to keep the tree whimsical and fun.
I used some of the bunny tail yarn and pom garland from God baby's shower as well as some white sparkle bow ornaments to spruce it up:
I'm still tweaking things but will be sure to share the final FINAL tree, don't worry :)

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