Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rockin' Out - Food!

Now that we've covered the decor, let's talk about my two favorite elements at any event - the FOOD and the FUN!

Sure, some guests will remember the decor but I promise the food and fun are critical elements to any party!

For the rock star party, I kept the food in the dining room.  I decided to use black foam core board to divide the table into two buffets - sweets and lunch.  This decision proved to be unique and provided a decor element guests kept talking about...  Here's what we did:

I wanted easy grab-n-go foods so we kept to a simple menu.

- hot dogs
- chips
- fruit salad

- spinach pasta salad
- mini meatball subs
- shortcut chicken cheesesteaks
- cheese-n-turkey skewers

- dry-rub BBQ chicken (wings and legs)

Everything tasted great and was pretty easy to make.  On the side with the food, I glued dots and hung the birthday banner to the foam core board backdrop:

We served two kinds of punch that Munch chose -  Raspberry and Pink Lemonade.  I set-up the drink and cutlery station in the kitchen.

How cool are those 'awesome' cassette napkins? Oriental Trading for *like* $2!

Anyhoo, back to the buffet… On the other side of the backdrop, we displayed the sweets!

On it, we served Chef Joy's microphone cake pops and star-shaped cookies.  I'll just keep it real, islanders.  I wasn't sold on how they looked.  I had a vision to place the microphones in a display and Joy covered the sticks with black fondant... they were kinda messy but DELISH!  They were a hit for the party without a doubt but... for the sake of pictures, I was disappointed.

The cookies were yummy too!  They were so soft and sweet.  Again, however, I wasn't 100% happy with their appearance.

I think it's because we were surprised with cookies from Misty:

Aren't they amazing!  They weren't as sweet as Joy's but their flavor and appearance was on point!

Another hit was Jasmine's mini strawberry cheesecakes.  Hubbs and I love her cheesecake and I was so excited to use the tasting serveware that it just seemed meant to be!  Yes, that's how I swindled her into making them, lol.

O, but the star of the table?  The cake:

O, be still my heart.  I loved the cake.  I sent several images to Misty with random notes.  I knew she'd understand when I said I loved the paint splatter from an 80s cake, the music notes from another cake and I'd love to have a drum set topper…. did she nail it or DID SHE NAIL IT?!

She nailed it, I know.

We moved the cake onto the main side for cutting immediately following the birthday song.

The food was awesome and I love how the menu came together with little effort required to make it happen.  Now, I know I said we'd talk about the party fun but I think this is MORE than enough information for a sugar high!

There'll be plenty more tomorrow!


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