Saturday, August 9, 2014

Snapshot Saturdays

Now, I don't want you to see things in the background of party pics and think I've been holding back on the house updates.  I've been in a funk but I realized that I've made some updates worth sharing... So, here's a rundown of the Dining Room changes:

On a visit to The Village Thrift Store, I found two prints I fell in love with.  They were a little pricier at a whopping $6.90 a piece but... I could tell they were quality (and the $35/each Kohl's price tag on the back didn't hurt either) so I snatched them up.  I also loved their 'gilver' colored frames and I knew they'd compliment the monster mirror already hanging in the room.

Anyhoo, I hung the prints on either side of the window and love how they tie everything together.  The colors work, the texture of the art works.  The frame works.  Everything just works.

Speaking of everything working... The leaf actually goes with the other thrifty piece I picked up months ago.

I was looking for a piece to add some dimension to the space and to cover the wall opposite the window.  I didn't want another mirror and I didn't want a framed piece of art.

Once again, strolling the aisles of The Village, I saw this metal structure leaning against the wall. It had great color (bronze-y, brown-y, black-y) and an awesome size.  When I picked one up, I realized the pieces connected to make one large piece.

Sold without the connecting hardware and for $4.90 each, I was looking at a beautiful statement piece for less than $10! I HAD to have it.

Can you see the dimension?  The trees cast a shadow on the wall and it looks so cool to me... almost like it doubles the size of the artwork.

Each piece came with holes for nails and you really can't even see them! I love the statement it makes, the fact that it's a unique piece AND it's awesome price.

Now, the tree piece hung for MONTHS before I purchased the new framed artwork.  I didn't realize aside from the colors and frame why the new pieces worked... then it hit me, they have LEAVES on them.  Hmmm, buying what I love has actually proven to work for the look of this space.

O and I'm thinking moving that temporary stick piece (don't act like you didn't see it blocking the artwork).  I think I want to paint the metal standing tree wine rack (I wrote about the movement it started here).  I'm thinking painting it gilver or similar to the metal tree piece  will be fab for this space and clear up the space in the kitchen:

I have plans for that area... big plans.  I also hate to hear the man's mouth about it being a safety hazard (no one's ever gotten hurt and I won't get rid of it so....).  I'm just nervous I'll mess up one of my fave pieces.  I guess we'll all just stay tuned to see what happens next.

I just had to share because I don't want you to see pics from the party and, as my home co-designers be all, "when did she get that?!"  So, there.

O, wait.  I have family room updates too.  Uhhh, we'll talk about those tomorrow, k?!


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