Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Superhero First Birthday Party

It was time to celebrate LJ's first year of life and I arrived to the party super excited to see all of Tati's hard work and planning finally pay off!

As the date neared, I reached out to confirm the party plans were initiated.  I know what you're thinking and don't worry!  Tati is a planner so I was just asking so I could be sure she knew I was there to help if she needed me :) She gave the okay to design the party printables and I was so excited to work with the theme and inspiration images she sent - BABY SUPERHEROES!

The invitations needed to be equally as cute as they were informative.  In addition to standard party details, this was a hero costume party!  I used PicMonkey to design the invitation and favor tags; did you know they have a superhero 'theme' section?  In this area of the website, the Picmonkey team pulled together all the hero-related fonts, graphics, shapes and more into one section.  It was such a huge help!

We've already discussed the multiple costumes I made for the party in this post.  The kids were decked out in Dollar Tree costumes and ready to have some fun!

Tati focused her efforts on keeping the party classic.  She wanted her decor to create a timeless backdrop for great memories... something sweet, simple and fun for our little Super Baby, LJ.  Islanders, Tati's mission was accomplished!  Looking back at the pics of the party, it almost feels nostalgic... you know, like the kind of party that would've occurred back in the day when people actually printed photos and put them in pretty notebooks to sit on coffee tables and to eventually rest on bookshelves.

The entryway had a photo for every month of LJ's first year spiraling down the banister.  The rustic jute and clothespins were such a nice touch!  Adjacent to the banister was an adorable feature table with the welcome sign, first year photo and favors.

Tati used a retro-inspired comic book fabric to unify the space.  She used it to make banners that hung in the family room and photo area as well as for entryway table.  Instead of tissue poms and other contemporary decor options, Tammy opted for pennant banners and homemade rustic elements.

Oh, and would it be a party if there weren't any photo props?  I think not.

The kids especially enjoyed posing for photos.

To accommodate the crowd, everyone headed outside for the birthday song.

The outdoors really provided a great backdrop for the song and allowed the cake to have its moment to shine!

Of course, you do realize superheroes don't WALK to their position for the birthday song, right?  DUH!  They fly... no, they soar!

No, seriously, he flew all around the yard in his grandmother's arms (with her swooshing sound effects) and it was SO cute.

Cute, right?  I told you this party was classic and nostalgic for many of us in attendance.  With that in mind, imagine LJ is turning 21 and his mom compiles videos from all of his birthday parties and includes these videos in the compilation.

Aren't they going to be perfect to look back on?  I mean, seriously!  PERFECT!

The sweetest part of this event wasn't the fabulous and classic decor... or the giggles from the kids having too much fun in the backyard.  Rather, it was in the love surrounding the celebration of our sweet miracle, LJ.  He proved that life may come with challenges but, with the power of prayer and love, anything is possible!  Happy birthday, sweet boy.  We're super blessed to watch you grow!

Are you new to the island and don't know LJ's story?  You can read more about LJ's story here.


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