Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 18: Cheap Costumes - Batman/Batgirl

We're continuing our 31 Days of Change series.   New to the island? You can learn more here.
Yesterday, we attended LJ's first birthday party.  It was super cute and super sweet!  

I'll share all the details of the party soon enough.  Today, I'm sharing a quick and affordable tutorial for a Batman costume.  Why, you ask?  Well, because LJ's first birthday was superhero themed.

Munch needed an easy costume and we were on the prowl in the aisles of DT.  Imagine my excitement when we found hero capes and masks (sold 6/pack) in the toy section of DT!  Munch was excited to find some stickers (numbers and poster stickers) that would work perfectly for our DIY costume!  With our supplies, we were ready to get started!  

What You Need:
- Black cape (sold at DT)
- 2 pieces of yellow paper (sold at DT)
- Number stickers (sold at DT)
- Poster sticker shapes (sold at DT)
- Headband (we used an old one we had on hand)
- Red marker
- 2 ponytail holders
- Hot glue

How you make the headband:

1.  Use your red marker to draw your comic blurb shape on the yellow paper.  Cut out the shape.

2.  Use stickers or marker to write your comic action word of choice on the comic blurb.
3.  Put the headband on to gauge your placement (you don't want to glue it too close to the center or in a place that bothers your ear).
4.  Glue the blurb onto the headband

How you make a Batman cape:

1.  Fold 1 sheet of yellow paper in half.

2.  With the fold line as your center for the image, draw one half of the Batman symbol on your paper.  

3.  Cut out your symbol.
4.  Place your cape on a flat surface and glue the symbol in the middle of your cape.  We embellished our bat to make  Munch's symbol a girl.

How you make a hero wristband:

1.  Choose two of your poster stickers (preferably ones that look like the comic blurb).

2.  Place a number or letter on top as embellishments (we used the DT number stickers to put a number one on each poster sticker.

3.  Glue the back of the sticker to a ponytail holder.

To complete the look, wear black pants and a long sleeve black shirt.  Add cool makeup or star stickers/glitter and BAM!  An easy, affordable and absolutely adorable Batman/Batgirl costume made with supplies from the Dollar Tree for less than $5!

I duplicated this costume for DatMyHoney using pink felt I had on hand.  I used pink glitter paper to cut out a slightly smaller batgirl silhouette.  I folded it so that when I glued it to the doily, it looked as if it would take flight.  

I absolutely loved how the costumes turned out; the girls looked SO cute!  

When I learned Juni and Gilly didn't have capes for the party I ran to DT and grabbed some supplies I had on hand to create some super cute designs. I layered two doilies and added a -g to the back of Gilly's cape to make her a princess fairy hero.

I used the poster stickers and my letters to put Juni's name on the back of his blue cape from DT.

We topped all of the girl costumes off with headbands and glitter makeup from DT.  They were adorable! 

I can't wait to share the princess tiara headband tutorial in the near future!  Stay tuned!


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