Tuesday, August 23, 2016

DIY Tropical Party Favor Ideas!

With summer coming to an end, I thought I’d start our massive update with Munch’s Tropical Pool Party wrap-up.  As I told you in the party plan post here, I only had 30 minutes for set-up and a small space to decorate.

In addition to having a tight party set-up schedule, I had a tight planning schedule too! It was two weeks before the party and I had nothing – no venue, no invitations, no décor, nothing. Nada.  Zipp-o.
Well, not nothing.  I had pins on my Pinterest page and, I mean, pinning is life, right?!

I decided every element of this event would have to pack a punch.  The water park was the fun and activities; I didn't need to plan for crafts or games.  I didn't need linen because little wet hands and bottoms would sit at a picnic table in the shade.  I didn't need flowers that would wilt in the sun and I didn't have time for a bunch of decorations to hang from the ceiling.  What I needed was for party items to serve double duty.

Munch made a request that her party be all about fun.  She loves the fun colors in tropical prints, she loves to splash at the pool and she really didn’t want to have a big ol’ fancy event.  She was, however, drawn to anything tropical.  I knew having quality cups, cool favors and color-coordinating towels would meet the kid’s wants and, Islanders, you won’t believe the amazing deals I found on the takeaways!

You see the original price of $4! The lighted flamingo and palm tree necklaces were a really good quality and a really good deal priced at only $1! Then, in the same section, I found towel clips (to prevent them from blowing off of chairs), sold 2/pack, on clearance for $1 – BOUGHT!

I found towels for less than $3/each at Walmart.  I picked a few.

Each towel had one clip.  Not only did the single clip keep the towel just fine but, because they came with two in each pack, I only needed to purchase half of the amount!

As I prepared to check out with my tropical finds, the Five Below store manager mentioned that she appreciated me clearing the summer selection for her staff.  We shared a laugh but, when she offered to let me have the NOT ON SALE AND PRICED AT $5 A PIECE tropical-themed insulated cups at the clearance price of $1, we shared a happy dance too!

High-quality coconut and tiki cups for $1/each?  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!


I found cute boxes at Dollar Tree and, with 2 bags of pink paper shred and a few bags of Munch’s favorite candy, I created an easy favor that packed a huge décor punch.  

To assemble, I removed the necklace from the packaging, folded it to fit the box, surrounded the necklace with paper shred and a few candies.  Once closed, I used the black and white ribbon to complete the look.  I also designed and topped them with a tag:

How cute would this gift be as a thank you for a tutor or summertime care provider?  I've got some long-distance littles and I think they would LOVE getting a small gift like this from me!  The boxes are a great quality and could be used after the party!  Honestly, the possibilities are endless and the price tag is the best part!

With such a short set-up time, I needed everything to be functional and fabulous (and the frugal-friendly price tag was a plus too).  In the case of the guest takeaways, I had cups and favor boxes that would serve as table décor while towels and towel clips would serve as functional party items and a great takeaway! 

Functional.  Fabulous.  Frugal. 

I'd say this was a mom win, wouldn't you?

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