Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simple and Chic Tropical Party Decor!

Hi, Islanders!  Yesterday, we talked about the easy and fabulous favors.  Now, because the favors covered the majority of the guest table, I figured today would be the perfect time to share the party decor (sources linked below).  Let's get to it!

As guests arrived, you couldn't miss our party pavilion.  It was so festive that it caught your eye immediately upon entry into the park!  In front of the pavilion was the gift table.

Didn't the basket with the [flamingo] pink towels and towel clips look super cute?  

With the sun shining bright, we didn't need to plug in the flamingo lights, the light string was the perfect trimming for the table.  The other party pavilion feature decor was the DIY balloon arch and tablescape.

The arch eliminated the requirement for helium balloons.  If the event were to be hosted indoors, I would've gone all out with the arch.  However, because the event was hosted outside... in 100 degree weather, I played it super safe.  I simply inflated balloons in varying sizes, tied many of them to the frame of the arch and used glue dots to hold the 'filler' balloons and faux tropical leaves in place.  I'll share a tutorial for the arch in the future.  Don't worry!

The guest of honor had a seat closest to the arch and she picked out her special cup (it was striped with a gold pineapple on it).  Here's a pic she took:

Party-goers gathered around the table and chose a seat with alternating favor boxes of candy and tropical print.

I picked up the napkins from Ross on clearance and I love the pineapples and bright turquoise color!  Did you notice the Mike & Ike candy box?  Well, a few days prior to the event, I received multiple phone calls with RSVPs for more children than I expected!  The guest list nearly doubled by party day!  

I improvised by purchasing boxes of candy for the additional seats and alternating place settings!  It made the different favors appear to be intentional!

The primary decor elements were pineapples and flamingos so, of course they were sprinkled throughout!

I used one of my cake plates to hold a pineapple on top of one of the faux tropical leaves.  

Seriously, why buy something paper and fake when the real thing costs $2 and can be enjoyed after the party?

Oh, and how cute is that printable?  Don't worry, I'm sharing a bucket of tropical printables soon.  Stay tuned!  UGH, I've always loved flamingos but now, I think I might share in the kid's obsession.  My soul smiles at that printable every.dang.time.  Tickled pink. Get it?!  Hee hee!!!  Anyhoo, at the other end of the table, I reserved an area for the venue-provided food and beverages.

Included in our reservation, we received pizza and [flamingo] pink lemonade.  The straws were festive and helped to make the venue-provided cups measure up to our insulated guest cups.  Some adults were bummed they didn't get a cool cup but, hey, nobody told them to grow up!

Can you see those flamingo centerpieces in the photo above?  The wings blow in the wind!!  They were the perfect piece of whimsy I needed:

You can totally see in the photo of my cute parents how the flamingos added height to the tablescape without obstructing the view on the table. Would you believe 6 of them came in a set for $10.99 (source linked below)! The only concern was that I needed to anchor them so they wouldn't blow away or tip over.  I needed something sturdy but short/small.  The day before the party, it hit me!  A canned good!  Whatever can was on sale would work perfectly.  Done and DONE!


I wrapped the cans in different shades of pink card stock, secured the paper in place with ribbon, used a nail to poke a hole in the top and BOOM!  I had the perfect base for the whimsy centerpieces and I didn't have to worry about my flamingos blowing over!

When it was time for cake, the staff brought me the cupcakes with hibiscus toppers and the pineapple-shaped cake Misty made for Munch.  I quickly poked the set of mini yard flamingos into the cake.  It was awesome and exactly what Munch wanted :)

For this party, I focused the decor to be sure we set-up within the tight timeline and I believe we created a fun and chic tablescape without breaking the bank or our backs!  This party was one for the history books and Munch has declared it may have been her best one EVER!

Now, I don't know about you but this mom takes that as another victory!

*party sources linked below*

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