Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Doll Bakery Party - The Activities.

Hi, Islanders!

We're finishing the doll bakery party series today!

You may recall that I told you I had 5 girls to get ready for the party before we left for set-up at Michael's.  In case you forgot what 5 little girls means, here's a before pic:  

Luckily, Munch and I shopped for her outfit in the weeks prior.  Munch found a doll-n-me outfit at Kmart:

Day-of, we chose to wear our BFF necklace from Chazzy:

She was ready!

Once I had all the ponytails and lip gloss and outfits and opinions and snacks and -- WHEW! I'm tired just thinking about it!  Anyhoo, I finished, we hit the road and the girls left only a few minutes later.  As you can imagine, the girls arrived a few minutes early so I had Hubbs keep them entertained for about 5 minutes in the parking lot until we finished with the decor.

Who's the we I'm talking about?


My friends, Dani and Sheena.

O and my new favorite Michael's employee, Elliot.

This guy went above and beyond to make this party a success and you can bet I've let corporate know that I really appreciate him!

We were set-up on time so I headed out to the car where the daddies had them waiting in the comfort of Hubbs' car. Here was my view from the store's entrance:

I could hear the girls from the street! They were just so excited to party!  

Are you ready for fun?


One quick pic before we head inside. DIVAS!

Check out the next pic!  They did NOT believe a party could possibly be in this STORE!

...Until they turned the corner into the party room and saw the decor, the activity table and the sweets!  They rushed to get ready for fun:

The dolls got ready too, lol:

The first activity was to decorate their chef hats.  Didn't they turn out adorbs?

Once they were ready, Chef Shar taught frosting techniques on doll-shaped cookies:

They all paid very close attention.

They each got 2 doll-shaped cookies and got to work!

While the kids decorated, we enjoyed the food.  Have I told you my boo, Sheena, is pregnant? Well, she is.  I announce it to everyone and you guys are no exception, lol.  Look at her eating pizza, lol:

After the cookie decorating, the girls made beaded jewelry for them and for their dolls to wear. Mr. Elliot led this portion of the class.  He also dug in the tubs of beads for the sparkliest beads:

I had a game planned but the girls were so focused on their crafts and snacks that we let them eat and sang happy birthday:

If you look closely at the candle, I got the princess pack from Michael's and carfeully placed a tiara candle on top of the Munch-inspired cake topper - LOVE!

We all enjoyed the sweets then headed back to our house where Munch opened her gifts.

Hubbs surprised her with an Eagles jersey.

Isn't it crazy how long his locs have gotten?  I also hate that he was BLESSED with 2 eyebrows that are perfect and I battle my unibrow every two weeks. ::shrugs::

She read her own cards... Because we can do that now :)

Munch gave out lots of hugs to our friends and family... ya know, obligatory birthday girl stuff!

She was so pleased with her birthday celebrations it was contagious and I was so pleased that I got to enjoy the party I could take a picture (or not... baby steps, people.  Baby steps)!

Mission accomplished!  

FINALLY! Islanders, we've survived Munch-face's birthday party wrap-up posts.  It's been loads of fun reliving the event but I must admit, I can't wait to get back to our regularly scheduled program!

Cheers to celebrating!


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  1. Very cool! I would have LOVED having a crafty party when I was her age!


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