Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Doll Bakery Party - The Craft Table

Long overdue.  Much anticipated.  All that and then some.  The blog post you've been waiting for is finally here!

OR not?!  

Come on.  Humor me, islanders.

I planned to keep Munchface's 6th birthday party simple and to host the event at our small home.  As the date neared, however, it became crystal clear that my house would be bursting at its seams with people and stuff on the date of the party.  I couldn't POSSIBLY focus on the party because I was too occupied preparing for guests (ya know looking for my good towels, hating that I need to finish touching up paint, dreading not having granite...the usual stuff I do).  

Queue my favorite place *like* in the world, Michael's Arts & Crafts.  

I went to the store.  I spoke to the sales associate.  I booked my party.  AND I did NOT think anything else of it.  Yep.  I, the party planner, paid $50 for an event space in a retail store.  What do you mean how'd it feel? It felt amazing.  My little $50 got me a room for 3 hours, tables and chairs, the staff to teach icing techniques and crafts PLUS immediate access to any last minute items I needed.  

Shoot, it was exciting to know the party plans were underway and I only had to focus on the decor and food. 
One of my primary areas of focus?  

The table.

Michael's provides one long craft table.  This table serves as the place where instructors demonstrate techniques, where the girls will eat and where the crafts will be made; it needed to serve multiple purposes.  Because we were expecting a small crowd, I divided the table into 2 areas - the girls went to one end of the table to learn a technique then returned to their assigned seats to put their new skill to use.  The nature of activities made my decision to purchase baby shower wrapping paper as a table cover a no-brainer (they can't mess up my good linens, lol). 

Anyhoo, let's talk table deets, shall we?


Remember our doll party hats?

They looked absolutely adorable on the table and made for the perfect additions to the doll settings:

Party City has appetizer-sized serveware and the forks, plates and cups are the PERFECT size for dolls!

Our big girl guests received hats upon arrival too.  I kept the chef hats flat so the girls could decorate them upon arrival.  A gray marker helped "personalize" the hats and made assigning seats a breeze.  I fancified the hats with fabric embellishments from Michaels glued on top of coordinating cupcake wrappers:

Aside from hats and the doll placesetting, I had the favor boxes for both the girls and their dolls:

We'll talk favor box contents tomorrow but aren't the doll favor boxes adorable?

I just swoon over baker's twine!

My goal was to transform the Michael's craft room into a room fit for a party.  This table was the focal point for crafts, instruction, food and so much more...  It needed to be functional and CUTE!

Next up tomorrow? Favors

Until then,


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