Saturday, September 15, 2012

Doll Bakery Party - The Sweets.

With our table set up and our party favors ready to go, we can talk about the yummy sweets!


I was pleased with the Michael's party room but I couldn't stand having the walls covered with posters and other NON-bakery party items.  To address this issue, I purchased 2 rolls of silver wrapping paper and framed the dessert display.  It helped give a polished look without the weight and worry of hanging fabric:


Michael's sells pre-cut packets of triangles with 4 triangle sheets of each color. I used the pink and white pennants along with stickers and baker's twine to make a quick and EASY banner:

I used the pennant triangles to cut card stock I had on hand for the "Zion is 6" banner along the bottom of the table:


That CAKE makes me smile whenever I look at it!  My favorite part? The Munch-inspired custom topper:

What's not to love?  The topper has her OWN mini version of the birthday cake! I LOVE it!  Misty did an amazing job :)

It was definitely a conversation piece!  Hubbs was so impressed he said it was too pretty to eat and did not let us cut the cake at the party, lol.

Other sweets included:

Cake Pops
I ordered the infamous red velvet cake pops from my favorite cake pop bakery - YUM!

Mini Cupcakes

The mini red velvet and strawberry milkshake cupcakes were equal parts delish and cute!

{Not-so-mini} Mini Cheesecakes and Lemon Meringue

Chef Joy made some yummy sweets for everyone to enjoy!  Although we have a different definition of MINI, they were so good you appreciated the larger serving.

The mini chocolate chip and mini iced cookies were so delish they were the first to go!

Other Refreshments

I love that I was able to order multiple packs of the straws from Pick Your Plum.  I also used my plastic cupcake wrapper vase to hold them (keeping with the theme).  The straws were the perfect additions to the Mason jar drinks!

Before we left the house, I placed the jars in their container I planned to transport them in.  I cut flower lemons (easy tutorial coming soon) and dropped 1 slice in every jar.  I poured half store-bought lemonade and pink lemonade in each jar taking care to leave plenty of room for ice when the party started.  I closed the lid and voila! Individual servings of juice without the hassle of carrying gallons of juice or the worry of spills - LOVE!

I kept the menu simple.  We picked up a few $5 pizzas, catered wings and wraps and had a few bags of chips for guests to enjoy.

Shall we review?

The Michael's staff handled activities, bakers and caterers handled the food and I was able to HOST and enjoy the event!  SuCCeSS!

O and the sweets were a HIT too! Hubbs was caught sneaking goodies before he was supposed to, lol.

Now that we've discussed some of the details, I can't wait to share the activities.  Just imagine, I had the girls sleepover the night before so I had to comb all of their hair and make sure they were ready to go BEFORE I could leave for set-up.  

Aren't they all gorgeous?!

See you tomorrow with the party's activities!



  1. Oh my goodness, what a lovely party! Can you send some treats my way? :) Have a great weekend, Tabby!


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