Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas In Real Life Vol. II

I love my parents' home but I especially love it during the holidays. I've shared pictures of their home in the past, remember?
Since these photos, mom has changed her living room décor and, as a result, she's updated her Christmas décor also.
My mom has 20 years worth of décor.  She probably could've made something she already had work but she decided it was time for an update.  She went to Big Lots and KMart and found some unexpected glitz and glam.  Let's take a closer look shall we?
I love how she Christmas-ified (it's a word effective today) her existing décor simply by tying coordinating ribbon around it.  Such a great idea to minimize the holiday pack-up after the holidays, right?
Mom splurged on beautiful ornaments that made a statement.
I just love these 3-dimensional reindeer... They remind me of the expensive Pottery Barn ornaments:
She topped the tree with a sparkling purple snowflake:
Then swirled purple and silver ribbon around her tree as garland:
Rather than have her nativity set placed on the coffee table, she moved it up high on a stack of large vintage baskets.
The baskets are black and stand more than 4 feet high!  O and the best part?  They serve as her storage containers for her Christmas décor.  How awesome is that?  Her décor is easily accessible and packed away in beautiful baskets!  What I wouldn't do to NOT have to worry about the basement spiders attacking me when I pulled out my décor...
Opposite the baskets, she hung a horizontal mirror behind her sofa and draped garland (with ribbon and lights) on the back of her sofa.
I love it.  The mirror reflects the lights beautifully AND makes the room appear larger.
On her front door, Mom rubs her thrifty awesomeness in my face, lol.  While I was shopping in another area, Mom headed over to the garland and greenery section of the Village Thrift Store.  She found a fabulous snowy wreath and added her ribbon to set the tone for her color scheme from the outside of her home in:
She paid next-to-nothing for the wreath and I LOVE IT.
Of course, there's her jewel-toned tree (with HUGE bulbs and colored lights) on the lower level and mini trees with lights throughout the house.  As if their home wasn't welcoming before, my parents' home is even more awesome during Christmas!
Remember, the purpose of this mini series is to share the awesome décor of those around me and to inspire others to embrace the awesomeness of their home during the holidays.  I stole these photos of my parents' home BUT if you would like to share your holiday home, feel free to leave a comment and I'll send you the information :)
I hope your weekend is fabulous!

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