Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Brunch - The Plan.

I mentioned we're hosting Christmas breakfast this year.  No, my family doesn't usually have a "breakfast."  No, I didn't plan to host Christmas anything.  Yes, I set impossible deadlines.  No, we won't have them all done.  Yes, it will all work out just fine.
There's the summary for how I'm sure this will all play out, lol.
We had our annual family Christmas discussion at my parents' post-Thanksgiving fish fry - who's hosting, who's cooking, who's coming, etc.  My parents announced they would be at our house (as is typical) to watch Munchface open her gifts Christmas morning.  Hubbs, who becomes Santa over the holidays, invited them to stay Christmas Eve.  IDK how but the next thing I knew, we were hosting a Christmas breakfast...
"It works better with Mike's schedule" - Ryan, my sis-in-law
"I might have to work that afternoon so, yea... I'm down." - Li'l Dave, my baby bro
"We'll be there anyway..." - Dad
Now, as if planning for my mother-in-law wasn't enough, I have breakfast prep and baking and wrapping and cleaning and - OMG! Did this just turn into a whole big ol' full-fledged event.
Well, no reason not to treat it as such.
I set to planning, came up with a theme (it just feels more festive when there's a theme, right?!) and sent out an invitation:
There it is.  The invite.
We'll enjoy individual servings of the following:
Shrimp & grits (a cheddar cheese grits casserole)
Sausage balls with honey mustard dipping sauce
Breakfast casserole
Fruit kabobs with a homemade fruit dip
Sausage links
Baked goods (breads, muffins, etc.)
Spiked Egg Nog
Mimosa mixin's
Hot Chocolate
Mug Decorating
Mom's Annual Christmas Giveaway
Games (Taboo? Spades?)
Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I realized we will have the in-laws still at the house AFTER breakfast... What will they do for Christmas dinner?  OMG! What will they eat?  Where will they eat?  Never mind them! What about us?!
After a few phone calls, Hubbs decided we'll host Christmas dinner too but, luckily, he and mom decided to keep it low key.  No reason to slave in the kitchen for hours on food [we feel like] we just ate for Thanksgiving.  My mom came up with the idea to have a Spaghetti dinner!
Fresh rolls, garlic bread, pasta, yummy salads, wines, desserts... YUM!
Low stress, lots of fun and FAMILY?!
What else could a stressed event-crazed host ask for?
I can't wait to share the party with you!

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